a true legend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/08

marshal mathers is a inspiration to me plus hes sooo gourges!!!hehe any way i juz wana say ur music haz got me thru some really really tough times an stil is an i really do hope u hav another album coming out soon ,i live in a small country called newzealand an if u ever came to the nz that would be the shit .... my words are genuine an u truly are a legend ,no matter what any one else thinks you are the worlds best rapper an i know u work very hard for what u have . and if u read this know that my words are true an im your biggest fan u probly hear that evry day but its true .even my mum loves your music !!!!!hahaha it would be great if u made another album .... your true fan cara stacey xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Yo' Em | Reviewer: Bruce | 9/28/08

I know Marshall probably won't read this, but in case he does I just want to say I appreciate what you've done man. Not everyone understands what it's like growing up in the urb's with the guns and gangs and fucked up parents. When things go wrong I can just blast some Em and feel better and sorta realize I'm not the only one who's going through it. Thanks for knowing, thanks for your music, and thanks for making the fact that no matter where your from or what you grew up as you can be anything and go anywhere in life true. Peace out, can't wait for your next album.

Lucky girl. | Reviewer: gwen lendo. | 8/31/08

Hi! eminem,I am not a big fan of you.... but I like the way you Rap.you look so cool...'n' sexy
I fell so nie when I hear to your music.I am just a small fan of you.I like you on 8miles,you were good.If you gote thes mail,hope that you will mail me back...on Rngulom@yahoo.com.and make me one of the lucky girl of the world....

Luvin ya music emy! | Reviewer: jemski47@hotmail.co.uk | 8/29/08

Hi, Eminem, i love your music, listen 2 it all the time!
u r so cool and cute and i understand that u haven't had the best life ever, well, neither have I, to be honest!
ur the best rapper on the earth as far as i'm concerned and no-one else can change that. i think u r really brave to share your life with evry1 the way you do, and 4 some people to hate u coz of it, it cant be easy for you, i undeerstand.
anyway, keep it up eminem, and just so u know, if you ever need any1 to talk to, you can tlk 2 me on msn or email, coz i'll always b here 4 u if u eva wana chat! my msn is jemski47@hotmail.com
plz add me wen u hav some time! luv u 4eva eminem! xxx
from, Jemski ! x

dear eminem | Reviewer: nonos | 8/23/08

hi e. iam noura but my nick name is nonos iloved you in the film 8 mile and i loved your little sister in the film and about song i love sorry mama i am not crasy about you and you are note hansem but you are cute not soooooooooooooooo cute just cute

best rappar eva | Reviewer: ashleyyyy | 7/28/08

hya eminem if you get this,,, im from england,,, liverpool n i jus wna say uu r dah best thing in this world,,, i luf ur music n listen to ur songs 24/7,,, i luf sing 4 dah moment wha a legend,,, bu ur dah real legend,,, take no notice of critics cz ther jealous cz they aint got no talent like urs,,, ii love uu eminem n here is my msn addy,,, ashley_mayte@hotmail.co.uk,,, if uu wna talk or if ne1 wants to talk,,, love uu eminem xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NEXT EMINEM.....!! | Reviewer: lil emi | 7/20/08

hi marshall , ma namez lil emi (little eminem)....i m d only biggest fan of urs in middle east( gulf countriz) m actualy frm iran but live in "Oman"(an arab country near u.a.e)..
ma friendz call me lil emi, eminem, slim shady, b rabbit, etc. n m a rapper too here in Oman n i made sum songz n m actualy workn on a song abt u!! m a teen jst 16...n m not gonna say alot lik odrz do ..ex: 'oh i luv u eminem oh i knw all abt u oh i dis oh i that'......
jst of course i knw abt ur life ....n m born on d same day n month u have..n i wish whn u passd away ..il b d nxt eminem..u knw like il go 2 usa n jst say lik "heloo america EMINEM iz BACK ON HIZ TRACK"..lool, anywayz herez ma email 'famousdisco@hotmail.com' . i knw u cbt hav d msgz cz u aint got time n ther r alot of msgz u get in an hour!! hihi...but i hope atleast b4 u pass away u cud read ma msg...
PeAcE 0uT!!!!!

wat up slim | Reviewer: >paris may love | 7/15/08

hey eminem i love you so much i think every body should sut the mother fucking mouths coz u are think ur fucking best i love superman and big wennie i love you no matter if your black or white. i think your so wicked mate and ur lil sister is so cutie and fuck bush to tour so hot i really dont know if you will get this plz call me on 0403888950 i was at the eminem show i fucking loved it i love all your songs and iv got your D12 world jaket it was 350 dollas but u made it so how gives a shit i hope u now that no matter wat niggas say about u thay are only sayin' shit like that coz thay your wickedly orsom i love 8 mile and your fucking hot body i love 50 cent to iv got all of your stuff bye sexy i love im you number one fan parisxxx

me eminem like | Reviewer: Lianocy | 7/3/08

hi slim im frm nigeria im into rap,friends say i sound like u,but yeah u the real slim shady. u inspire me in so many ways. my dream is to c u n hold the mtv awards u know,kinda practicing hard. dis is my number +2348060926725. gat sumtin 4 ya,......im now lianocy,thanks 2 shady,make me close 2 d mic like a mother 2 a baby...........

Eminem !! | Reviewer: Madd rabbett313 | 4/11/08

Yo Em if you get this ... I Think you the beast of the rap indusrty aint nobody that will beat you. you would rap circles around lil wayne.. Im glad you turnt down lil waynes track he wanted to do with you ... EMINEM INFINITE ALL DAY

aha!!!!god landed up on earth | Reviewer: sudipta | 4/11/08

Dear Sir
Well m not a very big fan but yeah i am one of your fan.I m not into raps and all but i can understand the theme.Must say tat u are a true rapper.dont know how the concept of rapping works but it pleases ma ears.I shud probably not take much of your time...
Regards to your loved and dear ones
Hope to receive a text from you

Such a cool a rapper! | Reviewer: Roaming | 3/30/08

Eminem,you're so great!I'm proud of you for u speak what u think,and u r my fav rapper!Ur son LOSE YOURSELF and SING FOR THE MOMENT are wonderful inspirations for me to conquer the difficulties.Through ur lycrics,i gain bravery.
Go on singing!We,ur fans will support u till the end of time.i like the way who u r,so,never change for anyone!we r always here for u!

the main man | Reviewer: samony | 3/19/08

Eminem is a guy i like most,to an extent that i do visit his website nearly every day.Slim shady is a well trusted rapper that can not be compared with any other rapper.Any other rapper like eminem is yet to exist,if possible at all.thanks

mnm | Reviewer: lone lover | 3/6/08

hey man dis is lone lover
for me ma days are over
i wanet to be just like you kinda controversy and mini jack the lady.
i know your life was hard but you lived it cool
other people they dont know it coz they are the loose fool.i am ur fan but cant say a number one fan coz their are many other people wholoves you more than i do. i just wanet to be like you rapping like you writting a lyrics like you to open the eyes of this fools great to know abt you . you loved your wife and she traded you i loved ma g but c ditched me too. keep on fighting keep on writting. good luck yo best of luck.

Jasmine! hey! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

Hey mashall!! its jasmin.e! i miss you too!!!!!! what have you been up to? i cant believe how much i miss you!!!!!!!!well i dont even know if this is gonna get to you, but i jusst wanted to write you., hows Hailie?!..tell her i said hi, give her a hugg and a kiss from me alright?, well i jusst wanted to say that i did go to that tour! you jusst didnt see me backstage because i left early because my modeling agency called!! i cant wait to see you!! (: ohh! yeah and well sorry i couldnt aswer i guess by phone got dissconected somehow....well ill call you as soon as i can!...ohh your gunna laught...rember danny he got jealouse when you said i love you it was hilarious you should have been there (: but i dont know if this gets to your personal e-mail or not..either way i hope you can get to it..ohh and like i said i don't know if this is going to get to your personall email or not but if it does call me i lost your number but i'll ask melony if she still works at you thingy lol ohh yea..well i heard the 3 songs you recorde a few days ago..when are they gunna get realesed? ohh dre said hes on a track that you recored yesterday..well i gotta go kay, luv you!!