WRONG! | Reviewer: CRISS | 9/16/07

You guys have most of your facts right but i did notice. Something wrong Eminem was born in Saint Joesph MO not Kansas city MO

HI EM | Reviewer: Michael | 9/16/07

Hay eminem I'm only 10 and I just got into rap a few months ago. And I listen to a lot of your songs my favroit is evil deeds.Because when I have a bad day I refir to the lirycs.

Wassup dudes! | Reviewer: SYLLENT | 9/12/07

well i dont kno 2 much bout rap but i hear it all time cuz its a way i can get relaxxed. i mean that im not your biggest fan or something like that but i just wanna say that ur musik is kool u kno ´n´ it makes me feel o´right. and to the people that meant to be the no. 1 fans dont be such like that cuz marshall is a person like u ´n´ me so, ur gonna suck everyones dick just cuz he/she knos how to compose rhymes? i dont thinks so, so just take this cmment as a suggestion ok i aint offending someone just suggestin´ wright?

hot stufff | Reviewer: Mbongeni Peter | 9/11/07

i dont even need to write anything, his music speaks for its self all i can say is its mind blowing stuff!!

isnt this | Reviewer: james | 9/9/07

just a review?
by some dude?
if eminem wrote his own review on a page like this id be fucken stoked, but i kinda doubt he reads this.
and if he does, you woulda killed yourself your daughter and your girl by the time he answers
havent you heard stan?
nah all good
goto his myspace yo.

hey marshall | Reviewer: maddox | 9/6/07

hey Marshall u r name sounds good.....and even u look like pretty cute . we the fans here r curiously waiting for ur album to be released plz.......we love your sons and even i am slang crazy of u .........hope so u will release ur album as soon as possible

Eminem | Reviewer: Yazz | 9/4/07

yo wassup man i think ur really cool and i really respect u and i understand ur songs and i dont just listen no i understand the music and just like u i'm 14 and already write more then 11 rap songs and 4 freestyles but im in a country where writing lyrics won't do shit cuz there ain't no recordin' studio yo i'm writing one of my songs...............- (Racism) By Yazz.

Chorus 1x: there shouldn’t be trouble between black……….and…..white
There shouldn’t be trouble between plain…….....and…..striped
People try to understand it is wrooooooong!
I just wish one day two colors can get-a-long……….

Verse 1: Everyday u hear about a feud between black and white / between fat, skinny, tall, short, plain and striped / even though they’re wrong they wanna prove themselves right / and they wont stop till the other race is wiped / but at least now the fight calmed down / cuz a couple of centuries ago you’ll be dead if you’re brown / its true the most suffering race is the black community / but they had a plan and excelled in unity / they stuck together and never gave up for 200 hundred years / they suffered centuries of plain agony, horrors and fears / they were working as slaves all day and all night / with the energy they had left they decided to fight / to make the world a better place for the next generation / and so that a black kid shouldn’t suffer for a good education / and it worked now I’m in 2007 writing this song / and the unthinkable happened black and white can get along / finally god all the fighting stopped / thank god that the white flag dropped / not that races surrendered nope they kept fighting to the end / every race did there best to try to defend / their honor even if broken hearts are not easily mend / but now its ok if you’re brown / u can marry anyone u want from you’re whole goddamn town / even if she is white, purple, green or blue / that’s right you’re free u can do whatever u wanna do…….

Chorus 1x: there shouldn’t be trouble between black……….and…..white
There shouldn’t be trouble between plain…….....and…..striped
People try to understand it is wrooooooong!
I just wish one day two colors can get-a-long……….

Verse 2: another problem in today’s world is religion / its like if you’re a Muslim or Joe you’re in a different division / I just wish all these problems could get undone / alright wait I’ll talk about the problems one by one / if you’re a Muslim in America you’re in for a big surprise / cuz when u walk around people look at u like they despise / your culture, back ground and your religion / like they wanna destroy u like they’re on some kind of mission / and I aint writing this song just to get recognition / take a second to listen before u think that this song is dissing / but put yourself in my position / just try to envision / witnessing a multi-religion collision / everyday same thing Joes raiding Palestine and America raiding Iraq / I mean didn’t people have enough of the incident between white and black / all this is gonna do is more incidents like 9-11 / I bet its gonna happen again in 2007 / were in august right now just 4 months to go / but the Americans are scared cuz the year is moving slow / people started to suspect Osama bin laden / when the press asked the president his head started nodding / so I guess two colors can never get along / that’s why I’m writing this song / and that’s why im writing this rap / so whoever read this knows the trouble between white and black……………………

CHORUS 2X……………………………………………….

HEy | Reviewer: Bridget | 8/30/07

Hey, em. I am moving to Detroit soon as I can and I hope I will get to party with you. Me and my friend, think your fuckn' hott. Here's my cell number, give me a ring. Well email me and I will give it too you alright...
Anyway I got to go now
Pce out xoxo
Love you <3

FERNANDO | Reviewer: fernando | 8/28/07

hola soy fernando de uruguay y aviso que aca hay mucha gente a quien le gusta EMINEM.A mi me gusta muchisimo sus canciones las tradusco por un programa de internet y ahi me doy cuenta sobre lo que habla.
mando saludos a todos!! y aguante EMINEM.

---about that nigar eminem--- | Reviewer: chango | 8/18/07

yo i like all your fuck n albums dog i cant wait until u publish another cd dog the last albun the re-up that was fuckin awsome with the real gangsters 50 cent d12 and other cool dudes keep doing your cool shit dog.

HEyy BOO!!! | Reviewer: JASMiNE | 8/17/07

Hey marshall its jasmine.e well i dont kno if you got that lest message..but yea..yea yea..its funny bitches come up to me asking for your number talkin bout im his biggest fan whats his e-mail..wher does he stay at...im like dayumn i cant immagine how these people act twords you haha....yea..when we were at time square and you told me that it pisses you off because motherr fuckers act like they owe you something...i and are always like shady! can you write me a rap!!! can you call me!!!! can you help me with my rhymes and rap...hahah needy huh...i remember you said you felt like yellin at them to just leave you the fuck alone they didnt ask you for shit before you blew up...thinkin they knows your ass jusst cuz of the songs you put out hahah...you would think they would get the message with all those songs you out out with like way i am and lines like "no i dont know you and no i dont owe you a mutherr fuckin thin"..but i guess they still dont get it haha well sorry i think this one's gunna get to your personal e-mail line...i yope well luv you..kisses..

wats up | Reviewer: dimpledarling | 8/16/07

wats up Em.i want to be an r&b singer or a rapper just like u.I love your songs especially lose your self because it tells me if i want something and i work hard i will get it in the end.

HEyy! | Reviewer: JASMiNE | 8/16/07

Hey mashall, its jasmin.e what you been up to? dayumn, i cant believe how much i miss you!!!!!!!!well i dont even know if this is gonna get to you, but i jusst wanted to write you., hows Hailie?!..tell her i said hi, give her a hugg and a kiss from me alright?, well i hope things have been lookin up for you lately, dayumn i dont know anybody whos been though more shit than you. well i jusst wanted to say that i did go to that tour! you jusst didnt see me backstage because i left early because my bestfriend was in labor...but yea..where you been at?...i cant wait to see you!!....but yea..still beefin with anybody (: or are things chill for now (: well sorry i couldnt aswer i guess by phone got dissconected somehow....well ill cal you as soon as i can kay...ohh your gunna laught...you know anthony right,, he got jealouse of you when you said i love you it was crazy you should have been there (: but i dont know if this gets to your personal e-mail or not..either way i hope you can get to it..ohh and i didnt get to go to your show..i was at that modeling agency shit ): ohh yea..well i heard the 3 songs you recorde a few days ago..when are they gunna get realesed? ohh dre said hes on a track that you recored yesterday..well i gotta go kay, luv you!!

i love yours songs.. | Reviewer: John | 8/14/07

What,ts Em..How you doing... I hope life is better with you bro..I do like your songs.Very much.. I also trying to be a rapper like you.. But I don.t really have lyrics..Man can you write some small lines for me.. I dey feel you bro.. And you will do that.. One love and bless

hey | Reviewer: jessica | 8/12/07

hey i love you songs. my mom fuckin hates them but i have like 3 of ur CD's and im getting another one. i love your song puke its the shit!