Jojo | Reviewer: Melanie | 5/31/07

i'm not english or american but i'm from the netherlands and i'm Dutch
By the way Eminem is a good gangsta rapper and he is a good men,,

lovers of eminem | Reviewer: toto | 5/29/07

hes fukin freak and hes so talented realy very talented and freak

Best Rapper Out There | Reviewer: Shawn | 5/23/07

EMINEM is so amazing, i want to be just like him
the words in his lyrics are anonymous, there very mind blowing, everybody's got a good eye for him!!!, Yo Good Job EMINEM

we are free | Reviewer: Amber | 5/21/07

I love eminem because he speaks his mind. That's how i am. No one should be scared to voice out how they feel. Hey, it's a free country. I love you eminem keep up the great work.

Respect | Reviewer: Livvy Boo | 5/21/07

Man you been through hell and back but i just wanna say you never gave up and i have got the upmost respect for you i listen to your songs over and over they make me sad but happy you are so taleneted never give up man i hope you stick at it your probably the only person i look up to thanks for being my idle

eminem | Reviewer: MELANIE | 5/21/07

he gets judged cuz hes black nd thats sooo fucked i'm black and i love him so much hes my fav artist ever nd hes so talented i would do anything just to meet him

eminem | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/18/07

eminem rocks!!! he's a awsome rapper. I luv his music. and anyone who sayz different is wak.

da best | Reviewer: ria | 5/18/07

i luv eminem he is da bestest rapper in da world. n luv all his songs
specially mocking bird. i felt sad wen i heard mocking bird the 1st time
i juss totally luv him
he must be hearing this a lot of times and here i repeat im ure biggest fan

yo i love him | Reviewer: meghan | 5/16/07

yo this is your girl meghan here taking the time to show some respect for eminem. i dont even wanna start to explain how much i love him and his songs because that would take too long, so to make it short and sweet i wanna say that i hope he never quits and keeps makin them tracks that everyone loves!
thanks em, you have really influenced me, as well as a ton of other people

The one and only,,,, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

rapper that I can even listen to. I loathe rap and can't stand 99.99% of it out today, but Eminem remains one of the only rappers who I have every album cuz they are amazing. Nuff said.

And whoever wrote that bio fucked up a bit. For instance, the Kim that played his mom in 8 Mile was definitely not his wife/ex-wife Kim, it was Kim Bassinger, Alec Baldwins ex. Good one.

i love you | Reviewer: emily | 5/14/07

you are the best person on earth and i love you to death your my idol!

eminem the best | Reviewer: LiL S | 5/14/07

hes the best fukin rapper out there no questions asked.. i dont get wts wit the hatin just cuz he has the balls to fukin say wts on his mind.. i bet most u fuki n pll out there r fukin sacred as fukin hell but guess wt eminem is the fukin best..dont b jelous cuz he became sum thing u might have alawyz dreamt to b and he earned every fukin thing he has..he the fuk all u fukin haters!

Dates | Reviewer: MC Bucky | 5/12/07

Eminem started rapping when he was 14. His first rap song known is "Foolish Pride"
He was in a group called "Bassmint Productions"
From the late 80's till early 90's. They released several demo tapes until they changed there name to Soul Intent. One of which is called "Steppin' On To The Scene" which was self released. In 1995 Soul Intent released there first and last demo called "Fuckin' Backstabber"
He released "Infinite" in 1996. And it's the "Slim Shady EP" the producers from Interscope, cause "Infinite" was a total flop.
So whoever wrote this is a dumb fuck and needs to pay more attention to wut there writing.
But other than that Em's a kool guy.

Eminem is amazing! | Reviewer: Kayla A | 5/10/07

Eminem is seriously someone worth looking up too (you just gotta watch WHAT ur looking up too) I mean look at the things he thinks about, and ya know what... Encore was an amazing CD so were all his others... Eminem has got me through so much... I'm soooo glad he got into this business.. I prolly wouldn't have even started listening to rap if it weren't for him... he helps me deal with my anger... his lyrics are really deep and something I can relate to ... even if it's sometimes indirectly ... I can still relate to the feeling that comes from his lyrics.... He is my idol... I feel sooo bad about proof... I know what it's like to lose someone you love dearly (not in a gay way either) I feel bad for him... I wish proof were still here... Anyway.. my point is... eminem has a strong mind, and he says what he thinks... and he raps about meaningful stuff (even if some of it is just funny) most of it he puts his feelings into.. and I like that he don't just rap about sex and drugs... like most of the other rappers.... yeah he has some songs like that... but it's not what he focuses on doing and that's really good... other rappers should learn from him.... and he has songs like lose yourself and the way I am... those songs dig down to my soul... I'm serious.. but anyway this is too long... but my point remains valid... EMINEM IS AMAZING!!

to my marshall | Reviewer: duygu | 5/2/07

i am gonna see you i am crazy about you please come to turkey please!!