u re innocent man ever and u re the best RAPPER in the world! | Reviewer: Roweena | 2/13/08

Hey eminem, wow! I can't believe it tha u fought for ur life and ur daughter Hailie. I have been read abt ur life, ur future, urself, etc. I don't know if u still back w Kim or not? I hope not, tha I am being rude question abt kim.... anyways..U re best rapper and u re best father, too. Bless ur heart! U re the swellest man. Oh by the way, dis Roeena. Sorry I didn't intro myself. Way to go! keep it up! Keep busy! Keep going! Keep singing!

WHEN!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: eViL sYkO | 2/9/08

hey eminem... know u hear this evey day...but here goes...m ur biggest fan...nwayz just wanted 2 ask the greatest rap artist ever that when his next album cumin...by tht i obviously mean u...i heard rumours that u had a reconcialiation with Kim n she said u evr rap again she gonna leave 4 gud...so just wanted to confirm from the man himself...pls pls...do reply...just this much that whether a new album is on it's way or not...

Slim Shady 2 | Reviewer: Marshall Aloisi | 2/6/08

I'm a rapper I'm currently Making a song This song doesnt look like yours Proving yourself as a peerless rapper that Turns you into a selfish faggot Listen Up Jimmy Ive been in every show I really like your shows You aint having enough courage to act well on the stage though There's always something missing anyways...I hope you will read this message and message me back if you care Safe G ;)

this helped me so much | Reviewer: brian | 1/31/08

to whoever wrote this i thank you so much because without this bio i would not have been able to write my hero reseach paper for senior project so thank you very much:D

so have u seen my name | Reviewer: kim | 1/27/08

hey marshall bruce mathers.
yer so have you seen my name cuz in your song puke you said you have a tat of kim on you and then you said "my next girlfriend her names gotta be kim" well see my name is kim you come get me if you want i would mind doing you um i mean meeting you :)so i reall think you should add me to your myspace which is www.myspace.com/y_kick_a_moo or you know betta yet even give me a call on 0422405523 you would make my day if i got a call from you or u added me i have been a fan since i started listenin to music i am more than a fan i gonna say to much cuz i dont want to sound like annoying fan so please hit me back

my msn email address is

bubii_giirl@hotmail.com i would love it if you add me :) so please get back to me.

Thanks | Reviewer: eminem | 1/24/08

Thank you all for you wonderful posts, i apreciate your support.
Most of you being women i think that you sould all get off the internet however, stop writting about your love for me, which will get you no where but a long road of embarresment. go to the kitchen, and cook your other half some muffins. thats what you were born to do. and fuck off im not touring greece, what the fuck do u think i am? your fuckin pony? anyone who wrote this "<3". your a fuckin nerd, i reply "</3"

Impressive | Reviewer: Danny Smith | 1/25/08

The guy is a legend and is by far my favourite rap artist, glad the new album is coming, can't wait. Keep up the good work Em we know you will.

p.s.Slight mistake on the biography; in 8 Mile Eminem never played along side his wife, it's Kim Bassinger not Kim Mathers.

love ya!! | Reviewer: Melissa | 1/18/08

Omg i luv u soooo much! u r the bestest rapper ever i luv all ur songs n ur also so fuckin sexy!!!!! luv ya 2 death! :P

i luv u so much | Reviewer: brittany | 1/13/08

heyy im brittany and i luv u so much.i have so much respect for u em because u dont care what the hell ppl think bout u.and i have all your cds which i luv, i cant wait untill your new albulm comes out. i hope u and your family r doing fine ....i want to meet u so bad. well thats all for now luv u with all my heart, luv brittany......... i <3 u so much

to one of my influences | Reviewer: victoria | 12/31/07

hey wutup eminem , yo i dont know wut to say so i will let my heart speak for its self. if it wasent for you i would prob give up my only think in life that makes me happy writing and rapping people say and put me down becasue of my race and that i come from a southern place but i dont care i dress diffrent then them and i act diffrent the two main rappers who i look up to is tupac ,and you .people tell me jsut to give up but i dont i keep doing every day they say that i am crazy and say that i enbarrase them what i say is fuck you i dont really care because it is what i do and i f you dont like you can go suck one you know they dis you but i stand up for you and say he is a great rapper and a great father well i just want to say keep doing what you are doing and you are a great father nomatter what anybody says and i will always love you and be your fan well i have to go now just get back if u can ok much love victoria aka babygurl

eminem you are my idol. | Reviewer: TIFFANY | 12/31/07

eminem I love your music.I have all your shirts and I just wanted to tell you my favorite song in the history of rap is (squaredance).the girl who just wrote you this is TIFFANY from Bismarck AR. if you have the time could you wright me back my adress is 1341 qwapaw RD. please wright me back

Cool thyme for slim, Hey wat if I win. Who knows I do not dispose. | Reviewer: Kristian Petkov | 12/29/07

Helo Eminem, I hope you are fine. I do not Whant you to get out of line and rhyme. I can do it, I could ryme, come on this is fine, I never get out of line.
Something diferent about me I am 20 years old, do love youar gap, I met rap. This is about all I can say, hey.
I hope you have a good time, brcause me I am fine.
Something diferent about me I am 6'6 hoping to grow because I want to be able to dunk. I am not a scunk.
I can write to you for ever, but never should I alow for this to hapen. I will just be wraping.

THE REAL SLIM SHADY............ | Reviewer: rena | 12/22/07


I just can't live without his songs! | Reviewer: Ollka | 12/23/07

really Eminem is the best rapper after 2Pac's died...
Eminem's songs are about life, love... by Eminem you learn WHAT's THAT! and while I'm listening 2 'em, I realise, that not all of the rappers know what they are singing about ('i'm about the russian ones) .. But Marshall came a long way to his present success... He chose a very difficult career for a white man.. his songs.. don't know.. they are like his diary... RESPECT U
I'm from Russia and i'm listening to your music since i was 9. And I respect this man, respect, cuz he's a great father. A great father which I've never had... cuz he's a great singer, and I'm his fan...
when I have quarelling and scandals at home the only help gor me are Em's songs... there were some situations, when I wanted only to suicide... Thanks God, that I didn't do that...
I just wanted to say thank u for your lyrics and songs.
4ever your fan! 4EVER!!!
<3 U
P.S. I'm just waiting till YOU come to Russia, S-Petersburg...

the bobb is ...eminem | Reviewer: vanessa boulay | 12/16/07

hey this is vanessa eminem just wanted to say that you are the real thing withouit u ther woud be no great rappers...i really hope you keep on making songs. your rap music is sooooooo great i have all of your cds and tonz of posters. i may be young but i have ben lisnen 2 u like 4 eva! lmao. luv ya tonz!
xoxo vanessa xoxo