Bitch get your facts straight | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/13/07

Eminem gave it to Jay. The beat was made by Royce, but he gave Eminem the beat, so it's from Eminem. Since Royce got into a beef with D12 (not including Eminem), Em remix the song, with Jay on it, so he removed Royce out of it. Jay made his lyrics, while Eminem made his own.

Hrm | Reviewer: Jeremy | 6/14/07

This song is actually by Royce Da 5'9 and Eminem.. Jay-Z fat ass wanted it for his blueprint album so they cut Royce and put jayz on it.

Renegades | Reviewer: UnrivaledSHOGUN | 5/18/07

The song is actually by Jay-z, featuring Eminem.

The lyrics are some of the best from both artists. The beat is too impressive, but the lyrics is what makes this song stand out among Jay-z's.

Sick with it!!! | Reviewer: Sheed | 5/16/07

Da best 2 rappers ever show us all again why they're on top of the Rap industry. How can anyone contest such an sick beat and flow? No seriously, this song is Tha Shit, Respect!

Da BOMB | Reviewer: Al Wael | 4/27/07

Y'all know what happens when we put together 2 of the greatest rappers of all time , i mean Jay Z and Eminem had always been the best but in dis song they r better than before it's great , i loved it
Peace My NiGGaz

Five Mics | Reviewer: | 4/12/07

This is probably the best I've ever seen EM rap.He totally murdered the beat and the other rapper with it.No disrespect to Jay but the truth is always hard to swallow.Em is the best.

renegade | Reviewer: sanele | 3/7/07

this is tha best thang eva 4rom both top mc's,i listened to this song when i heard it 4rom tha radio and fell in luv with's a must have piece of art