Perception of what is | Reviewer: James levis | 4/24/10

Both artists are not collaborating in hope that they may be able to out verse eachother or seem lyrically superior. They are simply tryin to push the bounderies of what the rap genre consists of. Rather than simply rymthing common words there has been a poetic minipulation of wordplay to reveal a messages and emotions. And as both artists do this then its only goin to take ignorance to say that one is better than the other or perhaps a bias opinion. Therefore in my mind they are both on par.

Get It Straight (LimitedSlip) | Reviewer: aTk | 3/23/10

This is not a Jay-Z song originally, and is not even a collaboration between Eminem and Jay-Z. It was originally a collaboration between Eminem and Royce da 5'9 called Renegades (which in my opinion is a better song lyrically). Jay simply removes Royce's part and raps over it...

and they keep it onn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/10

The song couldn't have been placed better, you say em has it better, or maybe it was Jay? i think that if you removed one of these rappers from the song then it wouldn't work anymore, at all. its a piece of artwork, a message, its influenced by real life experience. These are 2 of today's best rappers, and nobody can say otherwise.

Get it straight | Reviewer: LimitedSlip | 2/28/10

FIRST, this is a Jay-Z track, why it's listed as an Eminem song I don't understand. It's off the original Blueprint released in 2001.

Honestly, I'm sick of hearing people listen to a song featuring two well respected rappers and saying that one murdered the other. If you have actually listened to Eminem's tracks (Every song from Infinite to Relapse's Refill. Even own a hard copy of before the relapse and every mix tape produced.) he has alot of respect for Jay-Z. He's said it in multiple track that Jay-Z is one of great in his mind. And obviously to collaborate on the song together they have to have an appreciation and respect for one another's music. So do you think Eminem would really be cool with you saying he murdered Jay-Z's verses? No. On the same note with Eminem and Jay-Z being so advanced in the rap game and experienced, they aren't going to just do tracks with anybody, they'd look for the best of the best. So maybe while you're all kissing Marshall's ass you realize that even though Jay-Z's verse is slower it has meaning (ALOT of meaning) and that's why Eminem respects him. Don't talk shit if you don't understand.

The only track you can talk like this about is Forever by Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem. He openly admitted that the last verse (Eminem's) was meant to flat out murder the other featured artists. He ofcourse didn't admitt this till after the release of the track. But that's Marshall for you.

The Musical Outlet Of Eminem | Reviewer: Aaron | 2/23/10

Eminem proves time and time again that he will not let anyone take the best of him. Jay-Z made one of the best collaborations of all time. As eminem gets older he shows how he gets more intellect with his music. Jays verse shows a modern day life of the average hustler while em speaks on issues of his controversy. Eminem no doubt has proven to be the victor of the song by putting emotion outraging Jays lyrical competition.

Dumb stuff | Reviewer: Chris | 2/18/10

Em completely murders jay in this song, idc what anyone says cause they know it's true, jay is not that good, but my personal opinion-eminem is the best rapper ever, every song of his is completely disgusting, think about it, he is the only white rapper and he is insane, race shouldn't matter...but it does, and in this song he kills it, the only people who match his calibur are big, pac, and nas, and like nas said,"em murdered jay on his on track"

kama says | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

Em murdered Jay???
Please, do you fools even listen to lyrics or do you just skim thru it ??
Jay is spitting some real hood shit on his verses
I mean some deep shit about inner city neighborhoods and life as we see it.

there aren't any Mormons around my way - sorry.
Em spit that shit that a lot of middle class rebelious white kids caan appreciate, and I respect your struggles to.
sounds good - but, I can't really relate

Jay's lines arebreaking down things I see in my world.

Jay over Em all day on this one.

Hola | Reviewer: FitzZany | 1/18/10

The song,talkin about lyrics,is in spades.and i wouldn't just skim tru it but listen to it a hundred times a day.and em's verse was just too naked to b viewed by an under 18 talkin 'bout religion and all dat.i really love it.

Sick Song | Reviewer: Schaefer Chin | 1/15/10

Em sounds better than Jay on this I think. Jay's first verse is better than the other and Eminem's are both sick. Its not necessarily the flow we're talking about here, Eminem's lyrics are just much more powerful, they give the song an actual meaning (something that is often lacking in rap songs today). Regardless, Jay-z verses are pretty good too anyway, to say he was murdered would definitely be an exaggeration by Na$

not that great. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

I cant help but disagree with ya'll. i don't think the song is really worth listening to at all. def not one of em's best. I think it's actually given TOO MUCH credit. just my own personal opinion.

Killuminati | Reviewer: Kill Luminati | 9/16/09

The Desolate One is all over these two rappers lyrics... The Devil runs this shit... its hillarious how overtly blatant this is. FM's all over the music industry.. you must represent em on wax... check out Lucifer, Lose Yourself, D'Evils lyrics too if you think Im playing

PERFECT | Reviewer: austin murray | 8/5/09

This song is my favorite song, Eminems verses were simply perfect and jay-z's wasn't very far behind no one could've wrote it better this song is a masterpiece, em and jay-z NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER SONG TOGETHER

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/08

people don't give enough recognition for jay's verse. He had a good verse here and went with the beat very well. The song is by Eminem when he did it originally with Royce da 5 9. He uses the same lyrics in both versions and he made the beat around his verse

S-I-C-K | Reviewer: Matt | 2/11/08

This song is sick, and that's the only way i know how to put it-- SICK. Especially Eminem. He Murdered Jay on the track. Not to say Jay's part wasn't hot, but the lyrics that Em can come up with are ridiculous, and he knows how to put them together so that the words all flow into on. It's Crack....

Underrated | Reviewer: diego3889 | 1/10/08

I don't know why this song does not get more respect. This is one of the best written and executed songs ever. I remember playing it over and over and over again until I had the whole thing memorized. Great, great, great