mmpl2 | Reviewer: shady | 9/15/13

snoop dogg comments-When Eminem was on Jay-Z’s song, he f*cked up on that record! You know what record I’m talking about. He f*cked him up on that record completely. Like, damn!

Rapers genius | Reviewer: Samuel bassey | 1/21/13

Em,nd jay r ludicrous nd lucrative in lyrics.ah dnt tink shady spite jay in his own track.bkoz d r in callobration in hope that d may b able 2 out verse eachother wit ludicrous lucrative lyrics for pipu who hate raps nd sayr its"sucks"just because it wasnt made for them...jst like shady said that"he is debated disputed hated in viewed of american"so i think shady is d most rapper genius i have ever seen....

em the best | Reviewer: warrior | 6/24/12

you see shady is so clever that he can diss u into ur own song and u cant get it , i really think shady is the best rapper after 2pac death , eminem can really sing fast unlike other rappers you can still understand whats he saying , he never sings about money cars bitches thats why em is the best

RENEGADE TILL I DIE!!! | Reviewer: Stan | 4/15/12

This song so meaningful, Eminem and Jay-Z are lyrical geniuses, if you're one of the people who say "Eminem killed Jay-Z on this song" you don't appreciate music, its not about which verse was better, its about the message, the two artists are basically saying the same thing in this song and i agree with them, fuck critics and people who judge rap music when they don't even understand it. If you listen closely you'l find that Jay-Z says something most of you people don't realise... Critics, adults, our parents and snobs don't hate rap music cos it sucks, they hate it cos its not made for them, THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND IT! They can't relate to it. This song is AWESOME... But if Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas did a song together it would be a dream come true for me... Long Live The King Eminem

RE: Half of you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/12

The line "Eminem killed you on your own track" is from Nas' Ether, a Jay-Z diss. It's Jay's track because it originally appeared on his album, The Blueprint, and Eminem killed him because Jay's bullshit lyrics about his childhood don't hold a candle to Shady's.'re stupid.

Half of you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/12

listen to this song and said Eminem killed Jayz on his own track... Which just proves you dont even know what your talking about.... to start this was orgianlly Eminem and Royce's song... never was this beat Jayz's... nor did Eminem kill off Jayz in this song... not a single line was spit at Jayz... you all should really look into what your talkin about before making yourselves look stupid

em | Reviewer: | 12/16/11

hands down em is the coldest he kills everything i aint sayin it cuz im white im sayin cuz he can flow and so can ace hood he kills that body bagz mixtape ta pieces but lotta props ta em he came n when niggas didnt like white rappers

Gods | Reviewer: @v!n | 6/22/11

Do u niggas hail down or shud i cut off ur fucking heads to bow to Em and Jay the renegade gods, Em truly is the king of this rude ludicrous lucrative lyrix, he is the greatest rapper to hold the mike and rip the stage off into haters asses EVERRRRRR!!


All yall trippin! | Reviewer: Mississippi Hippi | 1/18/11

I like Soulja Boy way better than Jayzee M&M's . YOOOUUUL! :)..Oh and gucci mane's new triple scoop sugar waffle cone dimple tat is prolly the most gangsta/borderline insane stunt of the year! Sprinkles woulda been taking it too far tho... :(

Eminem kills. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/10

Ya, I agree eminem does kill jay on this track. BUT, I have yet to hear an eminem song with other rappers that he doesnt kill. I want this forever, with lil wayne drake and kanye west eminem raps them.

modern day shakespear | Reviewer: thabo | 12/9/10

I agree, let's be honest guys, I am not a fan of Em, but after listining to this song I had to agree with Nas, 'Em murdered Jay on his own track' ---
"Never been afraid to say
what's on my mind at, any given time of day
Cause I'm a RENEGADE!"

EM 6 like JAY_Zxxxx | Reviewer: ST3ph | 10/20/10

That's one of the best duo I've ever heard man. Now all of ya need to admit that even though JAy-z's style of rapping is not as seducing as Eminem's (Talking about speed and you-know-that-sh.t), JAy-Z made a lot of sense here. He earned my respect! he is indeed one of the greatest! Em is my fave rapper and I think he showed all of ya why man...
Peace, and kill my lines, I know I did no rhymes, but hey Doing so I avoided any fines, fine, I'm gone and thanks for the time pals....

Look | Reviewer: Rich | 10/11/10

Em and jay are both outstanding rapping geniuses y'all gotta admit. Em is one if not my favorite rapers alive, second would be jay. And after listening to this i couldnt believe how crazy it was, two amazing rappers side by side, nothin else you can ask for.

GET YA MIND RIGHT | Reviewer: ashley | 8/22/10

i just love how some people hate on eminem because he's white. but umm just so yall know, it's not just black people that live in the ghetto. white people do too !!! i mean i live in norfolk (norview/sherwood), va. and it's fucking serious out this way. that's why most rappers are even scared to come to concert here, they scared they gon get banked or somethin lmao. even though em dont come here either, HE NEEDS TO GET HIS ASS DOWN HERE !!!!!!!!!

brilliant | Reviewer: 301 johnson street | 5/3/10

Em killed this song, his word play is genius! He does things lyrically that nobody else can do.jay came strong too but even he knew that Em crushed why else would he put it in a song some odd years later? His flow on renegade F####in awesome-a star is born