Hilarious | Reviewer: Awesome | 4/27/10

I think this song is hilarious. I mean, I can understand why people hate eminem. He's really fucked up and twisted, and some of his shit is just wrong. I still love his stuff, though. I like songs like this and BIg Weenie best, cuz he's just messing around and saying retarded shit. xD

U kiddin ? | Reviewer: Vetjee | 3/23/10

Damnn are you kiddin? You say the most songs of the eminem show even come close to hes best song?? Man The eminem Show is one of hes best albums man. Listen to the lyrics he wrote for that listen to say goodbye to hollywood, Say what you say, Cleaning out my closet, soldier etc. Man u dont know what u talk about.
Eminem is my man cant w8 for relapse 2.
Shot out to 50, dre, and d12.

Oh, you lost ingnoramus... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/10

Isn't the purpose of being a celebrity to draw attention? For being a pathetic rapper, he sure is making several significant figures more than the new small-timers like drake or soulja boy. Growing old is mandatory. Growing UP is an option.

I forgot my naaaame!! | Reviewer: Eminem = KING! | 1/3/10

This song is fucking hilarious. Haters are just pussies. They can't take his joking persona. I've got no clue what he's talking about in this song, but I can still follow it and it's just great. I love the beat, too. Sure, the lyrics aren't as tight as they usually are, but I love this song so much. So crazy. Eminem will never die!

Eminem? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/09

I think this song shows just how desperate for attention this pathetic excuse of a rapper is. His songs always either show how he's not over Kim, how much he hates his mom or how much he disrespects women. He WANTS to be hated, and he's definitely getting some success from it. This is just a very attention-seeking little man who can't grow up.

My new name is...Rainman | Reviewer: Me | 11/17/09

I love this song. The whole point of it is being able to chat a whole load of shit and get away with it hence the lyrics "And I don't even gotta make no god damn sense I just did a whole song and I didn't say shit" damn funny song. I love Eminem man. He's one of the best rappers around.

This is the shit.. | Reviewer: Baby-D | 10/14/09

Alright well EM this song does not compair to some of your other ones but, its deff. one of my fav. I think my fav is the ones you wrote about my sister that is now decesed. Anywaz dont stop till you collaps bro...

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/09

this song is genius. em is my all time fav rapper. listening to his music really makes me feel better when i'm down. i can't hear his shit in public places tho....cuz everytime i do catch myself yellin "shit! hell yeah!" and the people look at me like "wtf??" haha!

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

This song is fucking briliant. EM is a the fucking king. i mean everyone thinks white people cant rap but look ICP those twisted fuckers took over in the 90's and i love there sick ass music. they are not as good as Eminem at all but there good. this song that makes no sence is briliant. is makes no sence at all. it is all for fun. not baggin on anyone. just made to make people laugh. and it does just that. so what the fuck is the big deal people? he dont even hardly curse in this song. like sam sais id like to see you come up with some shit like.( this bitch could be my own mother, id still fuck'er with no rubber and have a son and a new brother at the same time and just say that it aint mine) fucken twisted but briliant. dont get any ideas by that line you guys down in georgia. haha just fucken with ya.

y u h8ing | Reviewer: --- | 4/28/09

luv the song by the way. best thing bout em is that you can understand the lyrics. plus nice dre beat. i believe ppl dont like his music because they either dont understand what he's rapping about or they take cursing really offensively. watever really. cant wait for new album

hi there | Reviewer: non ya biz | 4/11/09

i enjoy this song because i have no idea what its about and yet his raps are strait weird huh hes talking about nothing but yet the beats good and it still makes sense lol weird but i like eminem hes tight but i like all rappers. not realy 2pac though? lol.

Loan Payday | Reviewer: Massimo | 2/13/09

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Thank :( Massimo.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08

Marshall Mathers is my fave rapper i know all him songs from the old school to the new shit. and i believe all his songs are good and they all have a message weather u understand it or not. i would have to say if you want to lisen to some really good Marshall Mathers songs you should lisen to: Our house, Ricky Ticky Toc, Run rabbit run, who knew, Marshall mathers, i still dont give a fuck, bad meets evil and i'm shady i love all eminems songs i love how he uses sick ass metors in all his songs.

fuckers!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

only one thing 2 say:if u don't like his shit you can suck his mothafuckin' dick cause he don't gives a shit on anything anybody says.all respect for pac but he's the king,don't you forget it...fuckin' pricks!

Em | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

This is an alright song, definate Dre beat, it's hillarious, not one of his best, but it's funny as hell. And fuck all of you little faggots that say that his new albums are shit. I'd like to see you make a fucking album. So unless you can show him up, then shut the fuck up, because nobody cares about what you have to say.