Rainman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

Well there is a movie called Rainman with Michael Douglas and its about an authist, so Em describes himself as an authist who cant do anything except rap. Thats the sense of the song and makes it so damn funny

question... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

im not from US im from peru but who in Rain MAn???and by the way this song its crazy Em rocks.!!!!

rain man | Reviewer: jehst | 11/11/07

absolutely agree that his old stuff is better but i think this is one of the ones that compares. really funny lyrics and a very complex pattern, nice dre beat too. one of the funniest songs he's ever done

whatever | Reviewer: sam | 11/3/07

whys everyone all critizing and shit, were his fans yo, all his songs are pure fucking talent. he raps about his life and childhood but sometimes a guy needs to fucking rap about some random shit, ill love to see yall rap like random shit, like tweece, twice whatever i hate these things, fuck shots i hope the weed'll outway these drinks. like shit how do you com up with that, so your all fuckin idiots.
em is pure talent, and his daughter is amazing.
role model.
pce fuckas.

you guys are fucking idiots | Reviewer: David | 9/15/07

okay song but definitely not even fucking close to one of his best songs. most of the Eminem Show and Encore fucking suck. If you want to listen to some good Eminem songs listen to I'm Shady, Role Model, Who Knew, Infinite, Backstabber, 313 or As The World Turns.. just to name a few. Eminem is fucking washed up now, his old shit is real talent. if you like Encore more than the Marshall Mathers LP then you can suck my dick.

Far Awesome | Reviewer: Karl aka Pinky | 9/16/07

Far god hates all of you, 2Pac is the best rapper ever, eminem made this song and reached the level of cool like rory sput, eminem is ok, but not the best, and being homophobic is algud, least he express's wat he feels nstead of hiding shit like u shitheads


idiots | Reviewer: latex | 7/9/07

one of his best songs? are you fucking stupid? you have no sense of what a lyricist is if you consider rain man one of eminem's best songs. i would call it stupid, not great.

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/07

em kicks ass fuck you if you dont think so...this song i nearly pissed myself laughin so hard lol, not his best song but it still kicks ass,,,if none of you havent heard it a kickass fukin song from him is go to sleep...check it

nice!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

great beat..
but dont you think the lyric is a bit homophobic?!

WOW | Reviewer: Whiteboi | 6/1/07

this song is mad crazy but em is still the best mc to ever live ..thats untill i blow up lol

Thoughts? | Reviewer: WUSTL '10 | 4/3/07

I'm writing a paper about this song for a college course. If any of you have thoughts on it, especially about the beat/ lyrical metrics/ rhyme scheme (basically any poetic elements), please post them!

Wii | Reviewer: c-moon | 2/16/07

You all should listen to this song while you're high! It's the sickest thing ever. So fucking hilerious and the beat massages your brain!^^

christopher reeves | Reviewer: and another dude | 2/8/07

i think rain man is one of ems greatest songs. i like it very much especially the part in which he mucks cristopher reeve about his sorrowful accident.
"I feel like its my fault cause of the way that
I stuck him off in between him and Lex Luthor
I killed Superman, I killed Super...Man" ...greetz from good old germany

eminem coolest rapper in town | Reviewer: denjo | 10/22/05

i love rainman, best ever eminem song i know all the words off by heart and i esspecially like the bit where he says 'now in the bible it says, thou shalt not watch two lesbians in bed' ect. smart job u kick ass eminem and dr dre ur so cool

This song is funny as hell | Reviewer: Dude | 12/30/04

I just think this song is funny because of the way he sings it.I like the part where he talks about jessica simpson and grabs the last can of chicken tuna.