the question about the fastest white rapper | Reviewer: Bartolino 002 | 1/9/12

If somebody thing Eminem is the fastest can see this this is one famous Bulgarian rapper. Maybe he is not as fast as Eminem but I'm not sure.Visit the 002 page on facebook I'm makin' a new song & I thing it is going better then the others in the page! Please just listen to the 002 overalls & wait for my new song.

Anyone else from Canada remember the MuchMusic edit? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

Yeah, this is a radio edit... and not just that, but probably the most edited radio edit in the history of radio edits.

Oh, and it gets worse. On the MuchMusic Countdown (a Canadian show) back in 2001, the music video of this song that they showed was an edited version of this edit with literally about half the words removed (not necessarily bad words, either; the "yeah right" after "drugs kill," for example, and note that you can still see plenty of soundless lip movements in that video). I'd love to see that again, but I can't find any copy of it on YouTube...

love y'all guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/09

this song reminds me when i was in the 10th Grade back in the year 2000....i miss and love y'all guys.....its always gunna be the droopy dreaded massive detective inspector itchy big bites....


my best songer in all over the world | Reviewer: mohannad talo | 1/12/08

my best songer is Eminem becouse he have a gift from god that he can speak so fast. i like his lyrics cuz it include all meaning of life .guys u know one, my name in my email is "Partner Of Slim Shady" i like him more than i like my frinds and my self to. unforchantly,i lose my friend cuz he said bad word about Eminem.
I like u eminem Go ahead im with you my friends with you every body with you and the god with you surprise us, you are the LEGEND OF RAP.

uuuuhhmmm,,,,OK! | Reviewer: sandboi | 11/18/07

well theres alot of rappers out there that are really good. well first of all, not all white people can rap like EM., cant rap that fast and that meaningful. most rappers just sing with nothing inside their heads just makin up words that rhyme. I like the part in "without me" that says, "But no matter how many fish in the sea itll still be empty without me.."" well tell you guys what, without me here, its an empty world too, i wish i could have the chance to battle against eminem, not that i dont like him, cuz i like him very much, but i wanna try it,how it feels like,,you know..well if any of you talk to him, tell him i wanna meet him and try it out..,,aight chill every one, be cool..god bless..

these arent the real lyrics dumbasses | Reviewer: rachel | 6/6/07

this would be so much cooler if it were the real lyrics, who the fuck printed this? Dumbasses - this is a radio edit - who the fuck listens to radio edits?

this song's so dope as hell!!!! | Reviewer: D-12Shorty | 2/17/07

yeah i love that song.
Purple hills's So dope as hell!!!
R.I.P ProOf and BugZ
we miss ya!!

this song's funny,that calls D-twizzy from the 313 lol...

wow | Reviewer: ur mom | 2/12/07

wow this song is like the best in the world . GO D12 wooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo