Eminem is GOD! | Reviewer: Carlos | 5/5/06

Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady and better known as Eminem, the best and most successful white rapper in the world!
His C.D 'Encore' is yet another great piece of work done by this awesome rapper! Keep it up Marshall!

emeinem encore cd | Reviewer: anthony | 12/26/04

the cd is awesome all the rest of you guys who thinks it sux u have no taste in music eminem is my idol hes so cool

... | Reviewer: Him | 12/12/04


Encore is a great album...
Just as good as The Eminem Show...
The following songs sux(from encore):

Yellow Brick Road

Spend Some Time

Pukes on Encore | Reviewer: Jay Kitowski | 11/5/04

The Encore CD is terrible... No match to The Eminem Show!!