Reviews for Patiently Waiting (Feat. 50 Cent) Lyrics

Performed by Eminem

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Pat waitin | Reviewer: Jasmine wonky j | 10/27/13

D pat waitin chorus is very great all 2gether wit d follow verses first,second,why d third has som say's dat are not relevant 2 d main chap pat waitin, but whence someone does a thin dat is very commendable guy lets thumb up dem 4 dey are very very dangerous when handlin da mic "50 em"

None. | Reviewer: matt sutch | 8/21/09

yeah 50 kinda shit on this song, though the last verse was hot even though it really had no meaning. I like when the beat starts winding up, right when "your bitch a regular bitch" starts up. What`s good about these two together...50 adds the hardness to the songs, eminem gives it meaning. Em is just better at articulating feelings and life.

Eminem's Verse Saves this song! | Reviewer: KP | 5/13/09

Eminem's verse is *the* saving grace of this song. Notice that 50, as always, sings about his own struggles & (stupid) viewpoints. While Eminem, innovative as ever, is terrific & even remembers 9/11. Its ppl like 50 who have made rap music crap by talking only about hoes, dollarz, & trappings of fame.
Thank God for rappers like Pac, Biggie, JayZ & Em.

its emienem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

So everyone knows, Eminem, especially at this time during this song, was writing all anything 50 rapped basically. If it sounded good, Eminem wrote it. This song was the exception 4 sure on 50's verses His lyrics were off, and weak as hell! Only made you respect Eminem spittin if anything. 50 got destroyed, even though it wasnt against him, might as well been. lol. The difference was simply NIGHT AND DAY~~!!

shoot my load in your mouth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/08

E is probably the most talented rapper in the game now. His raps are so smooth and there so much more powerful then anyone else. Its none of that Busta Rhymes shit that has no flow or Wayne shit thats so laid back and is just simile after simile. Weezy is great but he doesnt bring it as hard.

patiently waiting | Reviewer: hatim ali | 6/8/07

everything em n 50 touches seems to b a hit. em brings out more momentum in his music 50 should not have rap d 3rd verse

what up niggaz | Reviewer: adolfo perez valles | 5/6/07

i like so much the 50 and eminems music
they sing about their life

Peaks too soon | Reviewer: Jason | 3/7/06

I love this song, but I think that it could have been better. The chorus is great and has the desired anger in it. The 1st and 2nd verses are really good also, but once the third verse starts, the song starts to lose it's momentum. 50 starts to use cheesy lines and talk about things that don't really go with the song in general. Overall, a good song, but it could have been better.

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