nail in the coffin | Reviewer: dylan bunch | 2/12/07

i like the song so much you can go adter anbody with that kind of fire befor your song i had no clue who ray Benzino was and what em did to him was hardcore rapping

yo dawg its over | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/06

Breaking News! Benzino just died!
By shady's rhymes. Em's diss lyrics were the best of the best. yea I like tracks with flow but mostly Eminem's rhymes. thats what makes him. And if you are like me this is it.Its like emptying clips with spits its that good. I dont know how Benzino could still show his face in life, he has to he's half wyte!

Eminem's at his best always | Reviewer: Naveen Ansari | 12/4/04

Y'know What, Eminem can't and won't stop getting better and out-doing himself! This song just goes to prove to Ray Benzino 'Don't Fuck with Em'

Anyways, The lyrics are really deep and smart, benzino needs to quit

Eminem all the way, tightest rapper in the world

I'm Out