#1 | Reviewer: Nnatrex | 1/19/12

i think this is em's best diss made. if i had a song like this made about me id back down too, but then again im not so fucking stupid as to mess with em. The age comments might come back and bite him in the ass assuming he continues rapping. he is running out of shit to say though, hes made a shitload of songs. keep going eminem. i miss the raw shit you made while you were on drugs, but i will always be a fan. pfft. as if he reads these.

BOOM!!! HEADSHOT! | Reviewer: Nnatrex | 1/18/12

Eminem owns this bitch. Benzino had no fucking chance whatsoever. Notice how he gave em a low amount of mics in his shit magazine, yet this dumb cunt gave his own shitty ass raps 4.5s and 5s. The source sucked ass before the fact anyway. this song is seiously the "nail in the coffin." For both benzino and his shit magazine the source.

lexsandy to stick with shady | Reviewer: alex | 9/15/11

em ure are the best thouh i'm a nigerian i understand ur songs. One this one u killed the mother fucker. I'm sure after he heard this song, i know he did have an heart attack. Benzene or what eve ur fucking name is, just kill ur self cos em is tn much for u and leave em alone

Great | Reviewer: Eddie | 2/14/10

Eminem fuckin rules!!!!!
What a great diss! I know this song for probably 3 Years, and its the greatest diss i ever heard! One of my favourite songs also! Read the lyrics 4 the first time 2day and some verses even hit more than on audio.

This Song is Sick!

Em, without a doubt, was the best | Reviewer: D | 11/12/09

lol zahid, you should have just kept that one to yourself... If anyone doesn't know what this song's about, google "Eminem" & "Benzino"... Needless to say this song, in all actuality, WAS the nail in the coffin... And if you don't feel this one, chances are you have just read the lyrics and not heard the song or know nothing about the background intertwined into it... You probably think gucci mane, young jeezy, and soulja boy are good emcees... You should pack it up and go home kid...

eminem is a motherfucker | Reviewer: zahid | 4/9/09

eminem is a big motherfucker his mom got fucked by few street dogs like 50 cent and so eminem is here. and now eminem is fucking his mom hard with his dad[50 cent] and wan his fans to suck his motherfuckin dick to his fans, and that what he is yelling in this song. ho ha ha ha

fukin excellant | Reviewer: chloe sturgess | 4/5/09

this is a fukin excellant song dud like cumon i am english n he is the best white rapper in history as it is clearly stated in his biography so if ne one wants to dis him u come to me .. u can slap the fuck outta me i couldnt sue u . i wouldnt get a buck outta ya! so u lot betta shut ur mouths if u r dissin cuz i am only 14 but i got probation -fighjt me
luff yhoo eminem slim shady dude -x-x-x-x- R.I.P PROOF - eminems best homie
taught eminem how to start n them some mother fucker killed proof!! mother fucker.. if i got hold of u
look wat u have done marshall! he was a wreck , got banged up n everything!! peace out dog
1 ..x

thug4life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

Get the Diss me diss you CD, really good. eminem owns, the songs of people dissing him on diss me diss you just suck :p em is way more original, harder and it's straight from the heart


sick rap | Reviewer: Dre | 12/10/07

this is a really good rap, i had no idea who benzino was, until i heard this rap...i really liked it, and not even knowing what it meant cos when i first heard it i was 7...lol
Benzino go to hell! U suck

Best disses I have ever heard | Reviewer: D-tox | 10/19/07

Eminem is the king when it comes to rappin'.......man he is so good. Would anyone try even hurting Eminem, you are just nuts man..........are you sure you r taking those pills.I feel pity for you Ray......and yeah I appreciate Eminem as always for his great rythmic effect on the lyrics

holy shit | Reviewer: DJ | 9/12/07

ahahahhahah omg. em is fuckin insane on this track, as usual. Benzino just kill urself! like how the fuck could u come back from this.

tra | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/07

well cant deny em is sick as fuck ive loved his music since he started he has proved to be even better dan fuckin 50 big time and hell as far as legend well cant say dat for me da only legend is tu-pac shakur and about that all eyez on 50 haha I laugh at dat eminem will get there before enven 50 starts to walk so "50" better keep "em" close cus if u dont nigga u fuked! haha!

THE SHIT! | Reviewer: Kira | 7/11/07

Who in this God Forsaken world (alive today) could take Em??!! NO ONE!! Benzino's a bitch and can't rap for SHIT!! This has definatley got to be one of the best battle raps from Em EVER!!

Lol | Reviewer: Eziz | 5/1/07

No one is better Rapper n freestyler n rhymer than Eminem
He is a living Legend
He is smart
Really Dont fuck with EM ever.. he`ll make you a joke..

hell eminem | Reviewer: jonathan | 2/12/07

that songs the fuckin hardest shit ive ever heard fuck the enemy make them suffer and dont let them see your weakness