Wow,Eminem Is The shit.(= | Reviewer: jessica | 10/8/09

Eminem Is The Best Fucking Rapper In The World. He Raps About Real Shit Like His childhood. So Dont Be Hatin. I Smoke A Fat Pound Of Grass&Fall On My Ass Faster Than A Fat Bitch Who Sat Down Too Fast.Lmfao.hahahahaha.My Fav. Part.Lol.:D
I Love You Marshall Mathers.<3

My name is Art... t.r.S.S. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/09

To all people out there... this may sound wako to yha all ... but I could have swear the song was about me...I'm not synaptic gap still works!.. well .. but to make a long story short
once my life was center around altering my mind the wrong way... I do confes that... but the lirecs talk about real people, how many slim shadies are out there ? Matters is a reall breading human being who has shared his creativity uncut... hi kids school is on session..Arturo Sanches is on the line and My Boy Matters is the reall Mackoy!!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

You guys all need to grow up, Words don't make people do things. words don't force you to do things, and people have the right to have their opinions... dude seriously... people come here just to frigging look up lyrics of their fave singers... get over it... there will always be a dark side to everything

Peoples | Reviewer: Amanda | 8/20/09

Jay, Thats Stan your thinking of, There are 3 versions, because he cant swear on radio, and because his original was too explicit. If you let your kids listen to it its your prob. Im a kid and the only time i swear is when im with my moron friends :P (but i love them) so if you blame eminem for ur kids all gettin fucked up think about the way you are raising them and allowing them to hang with. Just a thought, if your kid cuts him/herself they need help! it is not because they heard it on eminem's songs its 'cause they're upset/depressed.
Sincere Teen, Major Fan

Blame yourself | Reviewer: Dr. Hidalgo | 7/24/09

so if your kids do listen to it and you think that its because of the music that they act inappropriately then your a fuckin bad parent. come on it's the truth, step in and do somethin instead of bitch cause that ain't gonna get you no where. thats pretty fuckin hilarious if you think they can just pull the song out of existence cause no matter what you do slim shady will always be there. And what ever happened to freedom of speech? the Constitution should be practiced not worshipped.

Genius | Reviewer: Some Girl | 3/21/09

I used to think eminem was for chavs but he's a genius! his songs are so funny and for this song he came up with the hook straight away off the top of his head... that's musical genius for you, no matter how posh you are. It's so infectious and just makes me want to dance.

Chill everyone!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/08

Geez, so what if it's exlpicit? Then don't listen to it. Obviously if kids listen to it they don't care. Besides, there's a radio edit version. This song is hella funny and Eminem is a genius. The song's just talking about his life (in a comedic way), which really was explicit.

Eminem is great because he doesn't rap about what every other crap rapper does. Most of his songs actually have meaning and feeling. And that's what music is.

BTW, he totally rocked this song at the VMAs in '99.

haturrrr ! | Reviewer: anoynmous ahaha | 7/4/08

seriously people stop being haters eminem is amaaaazing and he doesn't talk about the shit most other rappers do.. of course it's innapropriate but if you like it and you wanna listen to it your gonna listen to it doesn't matter what ANYONE else says. stop judging and being dicks because he's famous and you sit at a computer desk hating.

My Review for My Name Is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/08

That is just plain disguting and innapropriate for kids. HE needs to learn how to controll his words. THINK OF THE KIDS WHO LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!
I think you should just get a life. You have enough money so why don't you retire and take this song out of the media and any other resource.

hahahha omg you guys have to stop trying to be right XD | Reviewer: Eric B.. mother fucker | 1/29/08

look the rude version is right i played my cd and listened to it and sang along its all correct except for the extra terrestrial part: Extra Terrestrial; runnin' ova pedestrians, in a space ship while they screamin at me: (high pitched voice) LETS JUST BE FRIENDS.

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

To clear things up, there are two explicit versions and a radio edit. The original explicit version had 'My English teacher wanted to have sex' etc and the radio edit had 'My English teacher wanted to flunk me' etc. However, the line in the explicit version was considered homophobic, so it was replaced with the line from the radio edit. The same was done with the bit about raping lesbians. Hope this clears things up.

all you people | Reviewer: Molly | 1/3/08

come onnn.. there are 2 versions, one with the teacher having sex and one with being 35.. is that so hard to get?! and btw.. this thing "jay" wrote; that's a whole other freaking song!

omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

now im listening the song and i can tell you that it goes like this:
"My English teacher wanted to flunk me in junior high,
Thanks a lot, next semester I'll be thirty five
I smacked him in his face with an eraser, chased..."

Its really goin like this ^^

4all u peoplez!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/21/07

dudes Eric and Alex, it's both!!!!!! the clean version has the words Alex's and the dirty has Eric's!!!!!!!!!! get it straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg | Reviewer: eric | 10/26/07

omg ppl it goes;
(my english teacher wanted to have sex in juoir high
the only problem was my english teacer was a guy)
there u go omg