I love Em :) | Reviewer: Marija | 9/1/07

Hey!!!!I hear that song 1 week ago and i love it:):) that song is older but i love it ! it makes me cry a lot..i love Em :) this is the most emotional song I ever hear :) sorry for my english but im from Macedonia :) but Em's fun love yaaa mwaaaaaah!

i'm with you | Reviewer: ebony | 7/30/07

i'm with you ya my dad left me i don't no how many times he told me he cared but if he rilley cared he would look for me and talk to me i fill said that i don't have a rill dad yea dad i'm sad yea i wish we could talk we could live together for ever i look so hard in books and stuff for a nummber or a adress but i can't find on but i need one come on dad help me out i wish he thought about me cared about me want to see me but no he just lets go yea i'm just 11 years old he left me when i was about 6 years old can he see me again will he see me again i hope he will see me again cause i miss him he wasin't there when i was born and he probably won't be at my wedding when i get married. and he left my mom when i was born. he got remarried had 2 liddle boys then got divorced he got to see his boys and probably still does and i belive in miracles but i don't this will be a miracle but i just hope. buy.

lyric's | Reviewer: madieson | 7/28/07

i understand what your saying in your lyrics to sing for a moment how we idolise rapr's and know all there song and i must admit i know lyrics to all the song's i know and i have one confesson to admit if it wasnt for you my situation would of got worse without you i wold of never of got where i am now, now i have a album out and a few single's if you ever come across one look at the back under the songs there a tribute to you thank you me and my band are greatful when we were having trouble starting off everytime we got noticed then dumped we throw on ure cd on the way home and realise there always next time and that there are people wore of and better of than us to and we have to be thankful for guys like you "music is an expression of self" and you give people a dream and make them feel better i have to dmit im a emo/goth but i grew up listerning to you as my mom is the same age as you and she to is a rapr but not no more after having kids she couldnt do that being a single parent it was hard for her too one thing i am greatful another i dislike you as i have lost a few friend through you it's not your fault i know but words are powerful and yes the can load a gun not litary but mentaly thank-you for your time if anyone want's to get back to me bounce back add me to you msn or just drop me a email thank for your music marshell truelly appericiated xXx from M-j lead singer and guitarest of Murder in a love scene cheer's xXx

halies song from dad | Reviewer: jemmeece | 7/16/07

hailie i know u miss ya mom and i know u miss ya dad when im gone but immtrying to give u the best life that i neva had i can see ur sad when u smile even when u laugh i can see it in ur eyes deep inside u wanna cry. cuz ur scared im not there daddy's with u in ur prayers no more cryin wipe them tears daddy's here nomore nightmares we gonna

luv mocking bird flying..................... | Reviewer: nitin gupta | 7/10/07

i m 18 year old ...............but i m 100 years experienced fan of your's......this is my favourite song of your good once bye nd good wishes for your future

perfect | Reviewer: kaylee | 6/30/07

i love this song so much it is really good my friend kayla showed it to me and i liked it so much that i kept nagging her to listen to it again and agian! I just love Eminem and his songs to go with it!!!

luv ya bye!!!

>>> | Reviewer: mohamed | 6/21/07

I’ll go back to the Jeweler
Who sold it to ya
And make him eat every carat
Don’t fuck with dad.

what the fuck !!!

slim shady's cazy no doub

beautiful song... | Reviewer: Bex | 6/18/07

this song is such a touching song with lots of emotional sides. i love it, the lyrics are perfect =]

eminem | Reviewer: johnson | 6/14/07

this song is damn sweet .it makes u cry .i love eminem for lovin his daughter so much

song lover | Reviewer: tiffany | 6/13/07

i LOVE this song. its so cute and hailie is so lucky that her dad wrote this song for her..and lainnie.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Tianna | 5/29/07

This song is one of my favorites!!!! it is very hard to make me cry but this one sure did! i absolutly love this song! hallie is very lucky!!!

tyler | Reviewer: tyler st.pierre | 5/27/07

Eminem i would ike u to come to my brithday and play mockingbird i would a like that my msn is lonley_me@hotmail.com and it is in chatham and my cell number is 365-1496 plz come ur the only 1 left i had nelly and tim mcgraw come to my last bday then 50cent came the other brithday and now i want u to come plz Ps GOod songs..!!!

Family love | Reviewer: Rebecca | 5/28/07

I love Eminems newest stuf. I liked his old stuff but when i listen back you can tell in his songs he was angry young man, as if the world was against him. Now he sings about the stuff which he lives for such as his family. I'm glad he calmed down a little i think his music is miles better and i love this song. So much love...?

Ehis | Reviewer: Ehis | 5/23/07

This song is the best and sweetest song. it's really personal, but i'm glad em put it on the album. it makes me realize this about family and also where he's come from and what he's had to do to get there. i love this song so much, it made me cry the first time i heard it.

inspiring | Reviewer: zoey | 5/19/07

this song is the best one performed by eminem that shows the good side of him. this song is just amazing and i really admire the lyrics