A real father | Reviewer: Danny Wong | 2/5/10

This is the best song I ever know. It tells a story about a real father. Shady is a great man. I named my daughter after his daugher's name, cuz I want to be a person just like him, trying the best to bring up the little kid, give her the whole world.

ROXX | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

this song is a great example of how marshall (em) is actually a gr8 person.....just always in the wrong place at the wrong time....im pretty sure if our lives were as bad as his, we wouldnt have turned out much better either....

amazing. | Reviewer: sarah | 11/7/09

this song made me effing cry. especially that last part about how 'daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird' and all that - that's just so touching to see such emotions in a song, in his voice. eminem is the best. really. (:

A little about mockingbird | Reviewer: Mike | 1/25/09

This song was the first one, I heard from Shady. And because of it, I love his music. It made me cry 2, when I first heard it. There was just SO much emotions in it.. Eminem is really a great person, maybe not a good father, but what the hell, I still love his work!!

yo man you know how to do it trust me nigga | Reviewer: eligio felix perez estrella | 12/20/08

look first i like this song cus is trying to tell you that you always got to keep you head up even whene things are getting worst just dont give up man this song its make me remind a shorty that i had but now she s gone but fuck that. yo eminen this song is on top man all my friends likes it ( say not to drugs) peace to every one oll over the world ( Y BUNNY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC IS ON IT )

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Carla | 8/12/08

I love the song mocking bird, it really helped me when i was going through a tough time. I lost my best friend and the song made me cry and realise a lot of special days i spent with him. Thanks Em. love ya

best song ever | Reviewer: mry | 7/16/08

make me cry!!!!!!!!. how he say to his baby "you got me" and this song is from all his heart!.
the song and the lyrics so gooooddd!
I like this song and 'Whan I'm Gone',
and 'Lose Yourself' and more songs of eminem and the outher side of him - slim shady.
ah and I like how his say "I told ya".
eminem the best and his so cool man and father!

He has done it again | Reviewer: Kid Shady | 1/17/08

Yet another song i can add to my favourites...
He's doing it over and over again, making songs that's funny, touching and sometimes serious. But it always ends up being a song filled with lyrics that you reflect over and take in consideration

lindii | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/07

hej ya Great Eminem i'm from Kosova and i like your music very much,this song touch me inside..this have nothing to do with me but it is the way you show your love and the way you sing..you are dirty but this fitts on you and i love your music.This song really touch everyone whom listen it..i said you are dirty but i didn;t mean in this song.

lyricsss | Reviewer: emily | 12/7/07

I love this song.. i first heard it from my boyfriend's iPod i started crying wen i heard it. He hugged me and i felt better.. but i know alot of you guys can relate to this song. just remember that people do care about you..

courtney | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

it was great you love her very much and it will always be that way i no that cause of alll the stuff u do for her way to go emenem u love everyone in ur family make it stay that i no it will i also no what ur saying in ur lyrics its u wouldnt trade her for the world and if u had to give up ur music career for her u would thx u have also inspired me to become a singer im starting a band thx sooo much if it wasnt for u i wouldnt have this band thx again....

DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Bernardo | 11/20/07

nice one man! Im submitting this lyrics to my vocal teacher cause he told me to give him a song and I dont know what to give him. So I just give him this lyrics so he can use it to teach students with!!!!! Well Slim Shady is the best hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All that ever want | Reviewer: Sly | 10/4/07

i always try to be with this motherfucker that they call my father, he never understand that i love him.The only thing he wants is to be with my mother in law.Since 93, after the death of my mom.
Now i got 20, i don't care about him.But i'm afraid to be a bad father like him. It is why i don't dream to have kid.

He is the only one with problems | Reviewer: Hector | 10/1/07

all the people have good and bad times, this song represent the pain all fthers feel when they have to go and they have to leave all the famly in their problems if this song tuch u is cos u feel sad for ur father so ... now he is rich and have "good times" so dont cry now he is happy and he give their doughters the life he never had

LOVE iT! | Reviewer: HazelBabiee x | 9/22/07

i love this song i listen to it over and over again. I think it is so touching how a father that is away all the time took the time to write such a powerfull song for his daughters. Hailie and lainie are so lucky to have a father like marshal =D its really sweet how he's nott always around for them but thinks of them all the time. His songs have such powerful lyrics and toy soliders is one of my favs this one is definatly top of muy list and i wish all rap singers had the same passion for good lyrics as marshal. I would kill to have a father like Marshal as my own left me 2 years ago. I think his last albumn "curtain calls" was brilliantt and I would just like to ask... "curtain calls" is that your last albumn because the song "when I'm gone" is about you givving up rap for your family? If you do give up I think that is a good choice as you are obviously a devoted and doeting father. If you chose to keep up I think you will go farr
yours faithfully
Hazel x