i lv u | Reviewer: lauren | 11/21/06

eminem i vl u so much u ur songs everything
can u send me the lyrics plz
lv u loads and loads
lv lauren

you are a great rapper | Reviewer: tyler | 10/21/06

i love your songs and i am a 12 year old boy that love rap music.you song mockingbird inspired me.i can't believe some one stole almost 1000 dollars for college that is so touching

Moody but Inspirational | Reviewer: Bruno | 9/7/06

When I first heard the song I cried it was areal good work from EMINEM. He should keep it up.

Beautiful Song.. Haunting.. | Reviewer: Jake | 5/29/06

The very first time I heard "Mockingbird," I cried. This song is absolutely beautiful.. BEAUTIFUL! This song touched my soul. The piano in the backround is chilling yet comforting. His words are beautiful. This song is why I idolize Eminem. I have gotten all my friends interested in Emenem just because of this beautiful song (Pardon the use of 'beautiful' in every sentence but thats the main word to describe this song.).

Mockingbird | Reviewer: mizsophisticate | 2/16/06

Haylie's definetly not lucky. I feel so sorry for her. Imagine your mother in jail, your father is a famous rapper and he goes to everywhere else and your parents are divorced and-
Anyways, this song is beautiful, and the lyrics just overwhelmed me with emotion. It's strange how Eninem can make you cry. But he shows us that even famous people who you think are extremly 'innapropriate' or 'gangster-like' have their own lives, emotions, and maybe even children.

sad but so good... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/05

ok,this song is so sad,robberies,losing money,growing up but it si so freakin good who wouldnt like it!!!!!

"The music video is still good" | Reviewer: Sean | 6/27/05

It was Ok for a music video,what I mean is:Music video is better than the Cd.I mean,Whatever,i'll still put this on my top ten favorites.Like,50 cent,Ciara,Ludacris,the game,Amerie,I mean Pauls calls are just so crappy boring you just dont wanna hear this crap twice....

eminem rox | Reviewer: x C8lin x | 4/23/05

some people often brand eminem as a bad influence to all little kids and i sometimes thought that too but after hearing this song along with "toy soldiers" I've kinda gotten to know him a lot better. his songs have meaning, you know? they aren't just a load of soppy shit with no story, you know what he is saying. hailie is just really lucky to have a dad who cares about her so much, and lainie

amazing song ..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/05

eminem never ceases to impress me .... this song totally rox ..... beautiful, beautiful lyrics .....

Thank you Eminem... | Reviewer: Crystal | 4/22/05

You know I heard this song one day while driving down the road. I had just gotten the new encore CD. I have listened to eminem since High School. This is the first song that had touched me in a way that I can't explain. I have three kids and this song uplifted my spirits when I needed it the most. I was a single mother struggling to make ends meet for me and my children, but through it all there dad was always there. It felt like the song was directed at me and it gave me the courage to try a relationship with my kid's dad and thanks to that song my children have both there parents back and life never felt so good. Thank you for the courage.
Tyvania,Evan, and Benny Mommy and Daddy will be home. I love you "O"
God could not have blessed our children with a better "daddy" than you.

It isn't just the words... | Reviewer: T. Joannia | 1/13/05

it isn't just the words that make your music the best. it is the emotion you put into it and believe me, there is nobody who can make music like you. it shows that you put your daughter first and you love her more than anything in the whole wordld. I think she is so lucky to have a father like you and all of my friends agree with me when i say that she isn't the only one who is lucky. You are lucky too Em... to have a daughter so beautiful and to have somebody so special in your life that you would be willing to do anything for. Your music gives insight to your whole background and your past, We love all of your songs but mostly Mockingbird and Halie's Song. Keep it up Em and like u tell ur daughter... keep your chin up. Don't ever quit!

Give feelings to life | Reviewer: samchap91 | 1/9/05

Coming from a family where my father devorced my mother and left putting me and my brother in foster care listening to this it makes me wish I did have a father who cared about me. I live with my real mom now and a weird step father (who i dont care for much) I listen to Em because it is like magic listening to songs like this and others of his witch make sence to me in my life. I dont know how he does it but thats why I listen to his music every day and this is just one of most of his songs and raps that I really like.

!!! | Reviewer: V | 11/28/04

I have never come across such sweet lyrics. Hailie is very fortunate to have such a sweet and loving father :)

Mad Deep ( Straight Brooklyn) | Reviewer: Mya | 11/24/04

Yo, E... U did it dis time baby...It takes alot to make me think and ur song did just dat, I was feelin' dat song so much, I had to download it on bootleg, naw mean...But yea...Keep doin' u and keep keepin' real...Mwua

Mockingbird | Reviewer: Hollyxn | 11/21/04

This song is sooo sweet. it's really personal, but i'm glad em put it on the album. it makes you realize where he's come from and what he's had to do to get there. i love this song so much, it made me cry the first time i heard it