made me cry | Reviewer: Roxas | 8/27/10

The first time i heard this song i was quiet, just suspended in the music. Then i ended up balling and singing along. Eminem has so much emotion in his songs that you cant hold in how you feel. Hes an amazing artist and rapper and rihanna did an amazing job with the chorus.

Love the way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/10

This song hit home, the struggle in a relationship is clearly spoken in this song. I can totally relate..and anybody should be able to if you're in a serious relationship. Go Em and Rhi Rhi. Great collaboration!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Marie | 8/24/10

There are very few songs in this world that really truely relate to my life, and this is one of them. My fionce and I recently got into a fight. We're over it now, but at the time I felt like no matter what I did, or how I was feeling, he wasn't there.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Stalker | 8/20/10

I dont really listen to hiphop songs.i only listen to eminem and this song totally blowed me off.this song is full of emotions .rihanna also has done a very good job in chorus.i just love eminem songs .

Love it | Reviewer: Sara | 7/22/10

I love Eminem and all his songs when Im upset I listen to him and it's like he does the complaining, yelling, explaining for me. Right before this song was released I was telling my friends that my husband just loves to stand there and see me cry and then this song came out. O can't even put in words how much I love it

Love the way u say | Reviewer: re | 7/11/10

I've been an eminem's fan for over than 8 years and i've heard almost all of his amazing songs like beautiful,lose yourself and mockingbird,etc,but when i hear this song for the first time,it feels like "ah,this is my song.EM wrote this song for me,coz i can't say what i really feel".I've been going out with a girl for over than 2 years.she said that she love me,yet she had a friend that way more close to her than me. Sometimes i know that she lied to hurt me,but i like the way it hurts.sometimes it drove me crazy,but i like it,aniway.Thanks, Em,for wrote this for me.I'll always be your fan