Love Me @ Heather | Reviewer: ATH | 6/4/10

So, what you say about Eminem on this song, he obviously owns Obie and 50 out there, and he makes no commentary on the "bitches". And if Eminem brags in this song, it's probably cuz he has a right to do so, don't you think, I mean, he's the best rapper ever. So what you say about that?

is this song a fucking joke? | Reviewer: Heather | 4/17/10

"We love alcohol guns money" obie should spend that money on plastic surgery. "And all the bitches say...". NAH they don't. Sorry. Doesn't matter how much money you have no one's singin that chorus to ur ass. Same shit goes for 50. I love almost all ur shit but this song makes me sick you're gettin too full of yourselves. Maybe that's why ur goin downhill now- This shit came out years ago and its still irritating me. No one needs to tell you anything you don't need advice- we've watched you self destruct. Good job.