A little fucked up ness is good sometimes | Reviewer: Chloe | 5/30/08

Ok, so the theme of the song is a little fucked up to say the least, but it's a great song. "There's a four year old little boy laying dead with a slit throat" isn't exactly music your mother would listen to lol but hey, alls fair game in the make believe world of Eminem. Maybe slightly twisted and psychotic lol but full of emotion and passion and a chorus you can't help singing along to. Still love it as much now as when i first heard it.

Whoa, Eminem calm down | Reviewer: Remy | 5/23/08

I love my eminem, i like the song, and i like how he expresses his emotions in his songs. But this time he went a little too far. A 4 year old dead in the living room? Bleed bitch, bleed? Get in a fucking mental institution. But still love ya Eminem!

Best song EVER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

I can't describe in words how GOOD THIS SONG IS! It's the best song I've heard in all of my life. It describes his feelins at that time, and he does it with skills. With perfection. I just don't kno how to tell ya'll in words how perfect this is. People say everything has a good and bad side, this song has no bad side. I luuv his songs, ain't nobody in this world who can say he sucks, this is the "Eminem-skills" at it's best!!! He'll kill ery' body with his next album. Aiiht!

Wooah.. | Reviewer: Josh | 3/12/08

This song right,
It is soooooooooo fucking good.
But it is sooooooo fucking weird

Best bit has to be the intro though

Hailie you're so precious, daddy's so proud of you.

Ha ha ha
Fuck off Kim (the song, not \/ )

Kim Should Get What's Comin' To Her | Reviewer: Cheyanne | 2/12/08

Em is my love and I've loved him since he came out... when I was four. This song has deep meaning and has a great point... don't mess with Em's emotions. Good, now that Kim is dead (in virtual song world) I can be the next Mrs. Mathers :) Lol but anyway this song expressed how badly he was hurt by KIM's faults, even though the whole four year old dead thing is sorta messed up... I love this song and I tell all my friends to "BLEED BITCH, BLEED!" all the time now that I know ever word :) So, I hope ya'll like this song because it isn't just a bunch of rhymes, it's got meaning and a true message. Love ya forever Marshall! And good luck with King Mathers!

kim | Reviewer: bayd | 2/13/08

this sone is the best. eminem is the beast rapper in the world an many ppl would agree on that with me. as if he would kill kim in real life. its a song abbout wat his feeling an its wicked.. everybody agree with me if u think im rite??

(: | Reviewer: taylor (: | 1/27/08

listen faggits. you guys go crazy when you hear this song. becuase he talks about killing kim. well he writes about his life. would you rather him sing about it ; or actually do it? this song is freakin brilliant. i lvoe the chorus this songg moves me. i love it &_ above all i love him<3 if you dont like the song and want to judge it ; a word of advice : DONT LISTEN TO IT !

eminem | Reviewer: heroin:bob | 1/27/08

ok heres the thing imma punk but i love eminem something about him is different to other rappers he like tells a story evrytime when he raps wich is why i love him nd this is one of my best songs from him he has such a great humour aswell!

shiit!! | Reviewer: me me me | 1/12/08

ths song makes me laaf!! i kno its supposed to be anger n evrything n im a rlly big eminem fan but still the way he tries to sound like a girl, lol. anyways i <3 Marshall <3

amazingamazaingamazing | Reviewer: Rachel | 1/12/08

This is the ONE song that actually the most emotions out of all of his songs. Everyone has had their moments in life where they think "oh i want to kill that person" It doesn't mean you DO it. That's just how Marshall felt at the time.

If you don't like it.
Don't listen to it.
Get over yourselves.

It's not like a couple people is really going to DAMAGE his fan base.

omg ur fucked | Reviewer: kara | 12/31/07

listen fags.. he doesnt really mean to kill her he sing about he felt when kim was cheating on her he sings about what he wanted to do at that moment. so dont come and say its messed up. he brilliant

eminem can be mad | Reviewer: krupson | 12/29/07

If U think that em did it because he was insane u don't know him.I think everybody have moments when he want to say his thoughts aloud... to express himself . I understand him

message | Reviewer: lolliepop | 12/23/07

this song has a very big meaning witch is dont f* up. jus lke all of eminems song hes my favorite rapper cuz all his songs r true singin bout real stuff not money bling n chiks

EM | Reviewer: jack | 12/17/07

When i first heard this i didn't even really think of it as a song. There's just a lot of cussing and screaming, and a small chorus. None the less Eminem is still a brilliant rapper probably the best!!!

Messed Up | Reviewer: Jon | 12/7/07

ive been a fan of eminem for years and this song just really pushes the limits of what i can let myself listen to. i mean, who makes a song about killing their wife? this song is just messed up.