damn | Reviewer: a. mitch | 5/31/07

this dude is amazing. i can relate to this song. i love this girl to death but i want the bitch to die

YAH | Reviewer: ERE | 5/24/07


Sick Man..and gross Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

this song is f***cked up, and so is Mr. Mathers, who is one sick bee-otch..

Outlandish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

Wow.. I Just Love This song.. It just talks about me..

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This song sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Megan k | 5/7/07

this song should be taken off the air, the web, and everywhere else it is shown and hear. There is way too much cussing, and the world is only learnng from what our celebrities force into their brains. Ths is making thigs like Columbine and The Virginia Tech massacre happen. This is the cause of violence!!!!!!!!!!Take it off the air.SHAME ON YOU EMINEM, SLIM SHADY, MARSHALL...WHAT EVER YOU CALL URSELF!!!!!!!!

wow | Reviewer: emma | 4/17/07

Dang wow disturbing song... he let it at there though but hes saying she dint love him well i wouldnt love him if he cussed at me and call me a b dang...

White Boy Murks It | Reviewer: Sheldon | 4/15/07

When it comes to being a mcee, Eminem knows what hes doing, But this song kim, is far from a song. It's a talented skit and when i say talented i mean eminem rips that shit apart. With the lyrics to that song (skit) Kim should collapse and die right there. Real Talk

If he did'nt wanna go on | Reviewer: MC Bucky | 4/11/07

If he did'nt wanna go on without her Y wood he kill her?

jesus | Reviewer: Cory N | 3/23/07

i got like this with one of my girlfriends but i didnt kill her we just broke up

emotion | Reviewer: ilgie | 2/18/07

eminem really spills his feelings in his songs, and i totally respect that. i do, admit this song was pretty scary when i first heard it. but once you listen to it more, or get used to it- you start to realize he's spitting his feelings and gives a side on what happened and how he feels.

Ugly, honest, raw, fantastic. | Reviewer: Atlink | 1/21/06

The first few times I heard "Kim", I couldn't listen to the entire song without being horribly disturbed. No other song out there can make me feel so amazingly uncomfortable by being so brutally honest. It's not so much being rapped, but screamed, told in a tone fueled by absolute hatred and pain and anger. It's something to have a song have emotion and meaning to it that some see as one thing, others as something else, but it's somethine else to have that meaning and emotion touch everyone the same way, with no guess work , no double meanings, just straight out honesty.

A fantastic song about the anger he feels.

wow crazy huh | Reviewer: Máni Bodinaud | 1/8/06

this is crazy when he is singing this song screaming i say the same as he did

wow crazy huh | Reviewer: Máni Bodinaud | 1/8/06

this is crazy when he is singing this song screaming i say the same as he did

this crack i like it yeahh | Reviewer: Máni Bodinaud | 1/9/06

he's fucking genius when he's screaming at her and i say the same he's puking his anger on this one

Oh God | Reviewer: Gaia | 8/30/05

I heard Kim and I couldn't believe my ears. I came online for the lyrics. The song is great but...wow! Lyrics, anybody? It's like Slim's puking out all his anger in this song.