WAKE UP | Reviewer: BayB | 7/11/07

· I felt personally offended by the song, but even more by supporters such as fleebus090. Do you really think all of us bitches deserve justice? It's good that you and Eminem can control yourself in real life. Thanks in the name of all women. If it wasn't for forgiving men like you we'd all live afraid. But that's how thousands of women live like in my country. Cos it's full of men who're not so considerate as you and actually punish us and see us bitches bleedin. How can somebody talk like that? Believe that? Justify that? I guess you all wouldn't agree with that behaviour if it would've been the husband cheating the wife? (wait, isn't it what happens at first? Why would she bitch forgive him then???). I agree with fleebus090 in a thing though: if a girl's really a bitch, she's not worth his man ruining his life in prison. But still, all of our society's way of thinking is the product of centuries of miseducation in terms of gender (have you ever thought that we don't even have the concept of ‘bitch’ for a man?), and this song's another example of that. I guess Eminem knows this, cos he's smart (I actually think he's a very talented rapper), but I pity all retarded guys who actually think all he says is right & all he sings is real + all retarded girls who doesn't even have an opinion about how 50% of hip-hop is just about us being bitches either grinding or screaming. Wake up.

about the song kim by eminem | Reviewer: Benji | 7/10/07

didn't anyone listen to the intro in CRIMINAL? just because he'sa rapping about it doesn't mean he'd do it! he's just portraying his strong feelings of anger through this song. it's perfectly natural to feel this way. the thing is to not act on those feelings. and plus, it's all to shock you into buying the album. EM IS AWESOME!

messed up | Reviewer: carpetmuncher | 7/10/07

eminem needs help.... that was some messed up shit.. alot of ppl have had ppl cheat on thm but tat doesnt mean yo kill them. emiem you are a fucking retar and should kill yourself and your daughter haley to ut her out of her misery of having a douchebag as a dad.

his lyf is so saddddd | Reviewer: shazzaluvinkashy | 7/10/07

dis song is sooooooo sad fukin y on eerth wud she wont 2 cheet on a guy as famous nd nyc nd fit as eminem (but of courese its da insyd daa mataz) omg dis song is lyk al his emoshanz poored out poor guy xx nuff luv em kim myt nt luv ya but we all du xx

2 sides | Reviewer: lauren | 7/8/07

hey... eminem is cool, but have you thought about how kim felt when she heard the song, when she heard him tlkin about that boy wif the slit throat which is her son, she must of felt like 'why's he sayin stuff like this'. maybe you will sort of be on her side a bit when you see this video of kim talkin about it.- http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kim+mathers&search=Search

go to youtube and type in kim mathers and you will hear her side of the story

wat he means | Reviewer: anthony | 7/6/07

in the part that says "Does this look like a big joke?
There's a four year old little boy laying dead with a slit throat in your living room "
is blocked out by the fcc because he is talking about the guys kid that kim cheated on him with.

kim | Reviewer: fleebus090 | 6/26/07

i used to just love this song, now after years of listening to it, it actually makes me almost cry when i hear it. I've felt the anger and hurt that he explains in the song. its really so sad, how bad we feel when a "true love" does a number on us...lucky for so many women (and men who could spend their lives in prison) that we dont all actually do what he says in the song...but god knows so many of us have felt that....bravo to eminem that he didnt really do it, he made a song, and made bucks outta it. KIM: i bet your such a bitch, just like the rest. and your man has every right to say what he did...I know you bitches....99 percent of yall are all the same..and deserve to have your throat slit...feel lucky that men generally only fantasize about such a thing..keep playing us bitches...cuz theres always at least one out of ten who gets the justice comin to em...maybe you'll be next...Eminem: I here ya man. and Bitches: keep playin, one a yall gonna pay eventually.

About the song Kim performed by Eminem | Reviewer: i love you | 6/26/07

Eminem is the BEst !!!i totally respect him, he is so outspoken, unlike many other rappers out there he is not a fraid to speak out his mind,.Love you Eminem...I love your music,..Im your #1 fan..FOR LIFE... You are Perfect..in every way...(WINK)

about kim lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

he is awsome it is a mad song mad dmestic scence makes me get angry inside to LOL its frickin the best

wow | Reviewer: Juyoung | 6/15/07

This is just crazy. When I first listened to this song, I was totally shocked. anyway, it's a good song and I feel like killling somebody. scary.
by the way, I'm Korean listening to Eminem.

disturbing | Reviewer: Fan4 | 6/14/07

Eminem is, in my opinion, part mentally retarded, and part abused. I take pity on the guy. I mean, look at what his parents taught it. This is disturbing, and do you know what? Kim actually commited suicide after hearing this song. I don't like this song, but i respect how eminem spills his anger.

kim deserves it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

i think that kim deserves it as she is 1 fu**** up bit**

Honest feelings | Reviewer: sonia | 6/11/07

tears filled my eyes as i listened to this song... it jus shows how much love he had for Kim, and the hurt he was feelin, obviously led him to kill her in the end. He didnt want Kim to be wiv anyone else but him. if u ask me, why wud u even cheat on eminem!?! are you mad Kim!

devil | Reviewer: pimplord246@aol.com | 6/7/07

wow this song was realy wierd i almost vomited when i herd her dying and i think that that other sound was him draging her dead body across the grass it was so nasty
good song though

fuck | Reviewer: adam | 5/31/07

dude this song amazing. all his emotions are spilled out into one song with amazing lyrics. theyre fucked up tho but its real. i used to feel that one bout one girl. i love her to death bu want the bitch to die