I know... | Reviewer: Lui | 1/13/09

He has been through some tough shit and stuff...but...all of you saying he's to violent in songs...I'd rather happen there then in real life...this man has my respect no matter what...he may be rude and mean in some of his songs...but it doesn't matter cause hey,he's number one...the best rapper alive...Marshall Mathers

Best Song But Issues | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/08

Its The Greatest Rapper Of All Time To the People Who Say He Has mental Problems And Crap I Would Love To See You Do Research On His Lif Then Come Back And Tell Me That Crap !!!

Eminem Is The Greatest Rapper There is

understand | Reviewer: FCUtrechtgangster | 12/22/08

I understand eminem, my ex had a new boyfriend after two days when she broke up with me, It maid me so made, and thanks to this songs i have taking my chance to release all the rage i had in me. so eminem, thanks for your music, you helpt me through this period.

thanks for my A | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/08

i am writing an essay on violence in music and this song and alot of his songs make perfect examples. if it was for eminem and his violent tendancies i wouldn't have a thesis....but i must say i do love his music and this song even though it pushed the edge is still amazing

Insecure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

I feel horrible that Eminem has such rage and insecurity issues. It is clear that he has had a very difficult life but many people have and find ways of coping that do not involve lashing out at those around them. I hope he finds peace of mind through his music and that we, his audience, can see him grown and mature through his music.

i love eminem forever <3 | Reviewer: stephanie | 11/18/08

to anyone on here that said that he was wrong to say that about kim shut the fuck up. he has every right to talk shit about that bitch. It was one of his best songs he did too. every song he worte was amazing i dont care what any one has to say. and not only that his songs are good the way he sings them goes together perfect. hell never be done, hell always have something to say in the end. and i hope all them ICP faggots keep there fucken mouths shut before he does for them. i have all the faith in the world for eminem and i know his new album comming out early 2009 is gonna be sold out over the world. i love you em<3

bleeeeeeddddd | Reviewer: mikechea | 10/23/08

Eminem is the fucking man....when he's Marshall the best comes out of him....can't believe hes 36 but top 5 rappers of all time for sure.... One of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm pissed LOL

briliant work from shady | Reviewer: D-MAC | 10/14/08

this is the eminem that i love back when he was creative, eminem will come back and he will be on top again fuck those who hate shady there only making him beter. with all the shit hes been through latly there is no doubt in my mind that his next album will b a clever master piece.

omg eminem what have you done? | Reviewer: Kate | 10/2/08

This is crazy! The lyrics! There is something wrong with this man - writing songs about beating and murdering his then wife???!!!! CRAZY!! I'm so shocked at these lyrics now that I've read them properly I feel like crying.
Eminem used a blow up giant doll of Kim and kicked it and beat it on stage while performing this song (!!!). His then wife Kim was watching and saw this and heard the lyrics - she couldn't believe it and neither can I! She went home that night and tried to commit suicide.

Eminem is screwed up in the head the lyrics are terrifying

i understand | Reviewer: UNIT-B13 | 9/30/08

its like wat ive been through. i love the way he expresses himself. when he talks about kim loving him. its fucking awsome!!! em i love you dude. maybe we'll do a song together one day peace out UNIT-B 7.O

THE BEST. EVER. | Reviewer: Brandi | 9/8/08

This song is amazing. It's not mental or anything. Lots of people use song as an input for how they feel. And Eminem. People only hate them because his songs are too real and intense for them. It's too much for them to handle. But I love him, he's the only rapper that's ever made me cry.

i love it!! | Reviewer: rita | 8/3/08

this song is so powerfull. i like when he said: "I hate you, i hate you, i swear to god i hate you. Oh my god, i love you. How the fuck could you do this to me? How the fuck could you do this to me???????!!!!!!!"

this is real life | Reviewer: Tanay | 7/25/08

i am drunk. And probably every word out my throat is like "stan with his vocals". This is for real. Actually what is spoken in every song of his is real life. This is how I'd murder my own girl. Bitch! Well, this is exactly what has happened to me. After all what you've done, you wanna fuck me up bitch! I give a fuck! Kill me Sudipta or you'd find yourself 6 feet deep! Thanks Eminem! You have taught me to rhyme like you. I am blessed to have a fucked up life like you and with this I can use the pain to kill every fucking thing in my life. Thanks for bringing out everything. Thank you. He is my life. Thanks Eminem, you have given birth to my skills. I don't have to say a word about this. Every word out his mouth is something that you can fall in love with.

guy on the side of me | Reviewer: suck it | 7/12/08

eminem is the shit and everytime i listen to him i forget about everything else and its so fuckin funny when he says "What the fuck's this guys problem on the side of me?
Fuck you asshole, yeah, bite me."

good job em and best of luck on king mathers and all of the shady records crew

this song is the shit | Reviewer: kifster | 7/8/08

seriously, i think this song is amazing. liek he gets soo into it. like everything is so perfect. i could listen to this song for hurs but it makes me want to fight someone so maybe i shouldn't. lol. well eminem is extremely talented i wish i could rhyme like him.

honestly .. i want to marry this song