This song was the shit | Reviewer: HerKules | 12/15/09

This song was the Suga Honey Ice Tea though a little overboard and slightly psychotic but loosely relatable for us men who dealt with silly ass bitches. Not sophisticated women that shows respect for themselves and their fellow man but evil ass BITCHES!!! I've had a few good relationships in my past but of course I've had the crazy ass bitches that believed it was ok to either insult, hit, and cheat on me for stupid ass reasons I now understand where em was coming from where I couldn't back when this song was new and I was too young of a teen to have any experiences with lying, cheating, and insecure ass bitches. Women as a whole should never be hit or abused for any reason no matter what, but that doesn't mean that women should act like evil ass BITCHES and instigate shit with us men because most of us can't deal with you triflin ass bitches. In stating Fuck Kim Mathers, FUCK that ole lyin, semi bipolar, coniving, heartless, cheatin ass BITCH Stephenie Miller of Meriden, Connecticut and a most definite FUCK YOU to Miss. Areli Zaireth Soto of McKinney, Texas for being an ole dumb ass bitch, with a drinkin problem and psycho tendencies HAHA that's why yo dumb ass can't find me psycho. Word from the wise the most beautiful girls can be evil ass bitches under all that sexiness.

od english even why i know all songs from EMINEM!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/09

hey people i am from ALBANIA so i dont know good english even why i know all songs from EMINEM!! my name is SAIMIR and this song is just a great song for me and always will be cause i never want to hurt a women i never talk like this with a women but look when i love my wife much more than myself and she cheat me then i can be much more bad then eminem. im good person even why my life from bigining was like EMINEM life i always was good person with all people but if my wife do the same thing like KIM did then have no more life for me!!! and is so fair for him to treat her like this. look if i love u and am with u why the fuck u need to cheat me ? is wrong !!!!!!!

wow thats dope | Reviewer: blaq | 10/20/09

When it comes top puchlines and contant you must admit the boy kills it. On reality though i know he is just taking his frustrations and putting it to paper but thas no way to speak about no women.Istill love you though

i think | Reviewer: brandi | 10/12/09

well, to me, this song isn't literal. i think it means that kim's dead to him, not that he wants to slit her throat in real life. at least that's what i'd like to believe, since he's my idol. it's like he's telling her she's dead to him and that he wants her out of his life.

typical guy | Reviewer: emma | 7/6/09

i love em think he has great talent.but there isnt nything hot,sexy,attractive bout talking like a female deserves to be hit sumtimes.i dont think he would like hallies man beating her.its the only thing that ruins my imagination of him

this is it | Reviewer: unkown | 6/21/09

Daaam he is best rapper in the world.Look what he done, he turned rap into the history.REAL HISTORY so i think EMINEM is fantastic, The first and the last rapper who tell us with songs his life.The life that he couldn't understand and he couldn't talk with nobody to help him. Only microphone was his friend.EMINEM YOU'RE THE BEST. EMINEMFAN 4eva !!!.

Hmm... | Reviewer: C | 6/12/09

I think this song scared me a little at first, as sad as that is to say. I mean it was amazing that he decided to take out everything and pour it into his song. I think that's what makes him a really good artist. I loved Eminem before and yeah he may have a few probs here and there but how could you turn someone away just because they are speakin their mind on how they feel and what they are going through? that's messed up. i say leave him alone. He can rag and bag and curse all he wants, I think it's hot the way he does it. He's amazing and I think it freaks people out when they hear his music: it
s only because he speaks the truth. the cold hard truth and some people can't stand that so they say he's a bad man and I just think people need to grow some balls and leave him the hell alone. He's talking the truth while all the haters are just hatin, but hey he does what he's got to do, now what are you doing??

LRN.- | Reviewer: LRN | 6/9/09

This Song is so cool , i acctually love it , the rhyme is so damn good , and he speech from his heart , thats cuz i love Eminem!!and BTW he don't have some mental problem ,wtf!! you only say that becaouse you don't know any shit about Eminem , and you know what? HE is he best rapper alive , definately

Damn.. | Reviewer: Eric | 5/20/09

Im glad that I wasn't one of the people in Marshal's life that made him mad because if a song like this was the result, I would want to kill myself. I love it though, this is one of the songs I get chills when i listen to. Damn.

Good song, but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

I enjoy this song, I do, really, but, seriously, some of you people in the comments type like idiots. "Tru" is not a substitute for "Through" or "True", it's just not a word, you morons. Please, type like an educated human. Don't make an idiot of yourself.

the best | Reviewer: matt | 5/7/09

this is one of his best songs, people need start realising ahit happens n life is fucked up n rappers rap about it, n yea i am one so i kno. i been listenin to em since i was born hes the best there is no doubt about it


EMINIM OR SLIM SHADY IS KOOL I LIKE ALL HIS SONGS AND IF KIM REALLY DID THAT THEN HE HAD EVERY RITE 2 say that stuff i like this song but the murdering part was ok i dident know he was really gonna kill her i thought he was gonna just hurt her but if that really happend he did have every rite 2 say shut the fuck up

The best... | Reviewer: Mac | 2/16/09

This song is violent and cruel, but this is Eminem, this is HIS music. Everyone loves Eminem because he puts the truth in his music. He had a harsh life ever since he was a kid, now he is talking to us through his music, telling us how messed up life can be, but be strong and keep ya head up and you will pull through. Love Eminem.

I dont no | Reviewer: Stacey | 2/14/09

I think this is a good song, the lyrics are very harsh but tru, i think that eminem isn afraid to say wat he thinks and wud get alot of publicity for that. I think alot of people dont really inderstand what he went tru and now his rage and anger builds up into his raps and people think he's a monster. I think he comes across as a great father to haillie, but i cannot judge him as i dont no him personnaly. But in my opinion i think he's raps are brilliant and true.

I hate you, oh my God I love you | Reviewer: Thomas | 2/10/09

This is a masterpiece, why don't people shut up and listen to him. OFcourse it's harsh and stuff but if he expresses himzelf in music this why, let him do that. I love his music, and will keep listening!!