Hmmm... | Reviewer: Finbarr | 6/24/10

He's good but this is a song that's just a bit far for me. I mean yeah, it's good that he wrote it...but he still DID it! And the fact he has a song like that isn't so great. Good artist, mean song, scary man. lol.

A real song | Reviewer: Chris D | 6/20/10

I love eminem because he sings about real feelings. Not love-love-love but things that hurt and make you feel enraged. To all the haters that say bullshit like sick song, twisted performaer, etc: have you ever been really mad? If no you propably dont know that sometimes people make you so angry and sad that you actually want to kill em. And eminem raps about it. Just this.

niceee | Reviewer: Ignacio malaver | 6/14/10

hey, if you were in eminem's place, you would say the same things to your ex-wife... its a nice song and I dedicate it to my father and some other people... its a nice song and its not for sick people... the guy who says in the title ''horrible song'' you're the one who needs a physogologist! the people who says this song is wrong, youre the wrong, man its just a song!!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

Lyrics to a sing are everything. This song Is amazing! The way he puts so much feeling in his songs. I bet half the fags giving bad reviews think this song is sexist ir watever cuz he's beating her and callin her bitch. He's just expressing how he feels! Don't go bitchin about his song because it's violent! Eminems songs have the best lyrics. That's wat makes his songs great. He's saying exactly wat he feels! Eminem is know and will always be the greatest rapper ever. Slim shady ftw!

Eminem is the shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/10

All u fags giving bad reviews r just stuck up, fat assed bitches. Ur ppl with easy live and dnt realize how hard ppl have it. Music is a way to express how u feel. Eminem speaks the truth while other people sing about love and gay crap, he raps about the real stuff, yeah, some of his songs r funny but he has serious songs too! Everyone, well, parents, that is, hate eminem! He's a great rapper and raps about stuff he's been through. If you've had it hard, u shood know, at least the slightest bit how he feels. So don't go judging him and other rappers cuz of songs like this. And ur kids will come across this sooner or later, there's not a damn point y u shood hide it! Listen to his song not afraid, it's not bad, it's a good song. Don't judge slim cuz of his songs like this. Ps: I'm a girl, I'm 12, and if ur gunna argue with me, well, just dnt argue with me, ok?

Sick song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/10

I had to come to the website and read the words to this song again because I found out today that my 9-year old daughter got to listen to this gutter garbage at a friend's house. This song is THE definition of the cultural cesspool that is rap music. Why is that certain men who have a girl break up with them think that it is OK to start referring to women as "bitches" and delight in singing about killing or beating them? Women have been treated like garbage by men since the beginning of time, being left alone with kids to raise, not being paid child support, being cheated on constantly, yet do we sing about killing them in such graphic terms? If we did how would our sons feel about it? I saw a t-shirt on a 20-something gangster looking trash at a little girl's dance recital that said "fuck bitches, get paid". What kind of low-class trash runs around wearing something like that, esp at a family event with little girls? Obviously the same kind of guy who listens to this deranged crap and actually likes it. Sick, twisted, desensitized with no moral compass and no boundaries or discipline whatsoever. That's what we've become. It's disturbing and I feel for little girls these days growing up being referred to as bitches all the time and thinking that being beat is just a routine part of life.

horrible song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

this song is very disturbing and i find it wrong. if you like this song you need to find a physogologysit. this sounds like law and order SVU. why would you write a song about murdering someone. how can you hate someone hate others with such rage to write a song about killing them. it is just an inapprorate song.

Love This Song and Eminem | Reviewer: Michelle | 5/30/10

I absolutely love Eminem. He says it like it is. I know i have felt like i wanted to kill my ex's in the past. But obviously never really would. I would love to express my feelings the way that he did. He is a genious. And i will tell ya, when i am pissed, I can just listen to this song. And you know what it always makes me feel like is it really that bad? Eminem is great and noone can touch him. Keep it up sexy!

I ♥♥♥ Eminem ! :D | Reviewer: Schubackk | 5/27/10

I love Eminem's songs, because he actually has meaning behind his lyrics. This is a really great song, and it's a great way to express emotions. I love it, and him... So yeah :)
My fave bit of this song :


it's just a song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/10

I was a battered wife. My husband and a few boyfriends did try to kill me. I would much rather have had them write their feelings down instead of putting their hands on me. I am now a psychology major and see nothing wrong with him expressing himself with music. He speaks about feelings -even one that are "tabu"- We have all been in a very dark place and had very dark thoughts that we know we wouldnt really act upon. Some keep them inside and let them fester and then end up hurting themselves or someone else. His way of dealing with these feelings is putting them to music. Music is his outlet. Imagine if he didn't have an outlet for these feelings. Just because he says things doesnt mean he would acutally do them. I believe most of it is an exageration of his thoughts. He would never acutally kill a child or Kim. But at the time he wrote this song he had feelings that were overwhelming him. How many times have you said I hate you..I wish you were dead??? are you psychotic or really gonna kill that person??

Speechless | Reviewer: Twizzle | 4/22/10

Wen i 1st herd ths sng i culdnt gt it outa ma head, it was unbelivably perfct. Eminemz music is unique nd jst dope ok. Hz songs rnt tht typa songs u listen 2 jst bcoz u love the beat, u actualy listen 2 hz songz coz u wna hear da lyricz nd u relate 2 thm. Expecialy this song. If ma bf cheatd on me nd shit id do da same shit eminem dd! Eminem is just beyond talentd he is sumthng elc, fact remains hz da best rapper 2 liv.

awesome song | Reviewer: broken heart | 3/2/10

i love this song since my ex-girl left me for another guy. now i can feel how painful it was. this song totally reflects me at that time.

Get the fuck away from me, don't touch me
How the fuck could you do this to me?
How the fuck could you do this to me?

my favorite!!!

i love eminem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/10

this is one of the most interesting songs anybody has ever done. Im already attracted to eminem, but this song strangely makes me even more attracted. i love the emotion he puts into the song, and how detailed the song is. This song shows that its not just boys that upset girls, and that boys can generally get upset too.
How the fuck could you do this to me"
my favourite bit. nice work. i love you marshall bruce mathers.

satire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/10

of course he's not being literal! He obviously means he symbolically slit her lover's throat and symbolically slit their little 4 year old boy's throat, and symbolically chocked her to death. Come on people! don't you see how deep and beautiful this song is? We should give Eminem an award for promoting peace and safety within families, can't you see how much he loves his daughter at the beginning of the song?

(for those of you who don't catch it...I'm being completely sarcastic)

Hardcore... | Reviewer: Naomi | 12/22/09

As far as this song goes with the yelling and screaming, eminem did a great job how he changed the argument into a very deep song.
i am not a very big rap fan but i think that it is fantastic that the whole song does'nt sound the same only the chorus...
anouther great song is R-KELLY - TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET
it is another story based song like this aswell as having different scenes there are 22 chapters to this song it goes for 43 min's and 28 sec's...