eminem my hero | Reviewer: something | 9/5/10

Eminem is amazing. his awasome, real and the best rapper/celeb in the wooorld. His my first and only idol. I can say that i'm his biggest fan. No one can like him more than i do. It's true xD When he became my idol, was the first time i really listen to the lyrics to Hailie Song. He is AWASOME. Every song has a sense. He sings about his life, when i listen to his songs it feels like i know him like my best friend, like i'm in his head. I feel what he feels in the song. The lyrics are REALLY the best lyrics i've ever herd. Hes the best. And I love Em's voice to. It's speciall. This song, Kim, is awasome to! I love everything Em does. My biggest wich is to meet him. I feel like i'm in love, haha. xD It's a bit hard to say "I love him", 'couse i don't know him so it sounds wierd to say that... But i feel like that.. xD and.. otherwise i can't explain how i feel so..
I love what you do, how you look, everything.
Love you EMINEM !

Well | Reviewer: Hmm | 8/24/10

To be honest, I liked this song. xD Maybe I'm fucked up idk, but I can understand where it comes from. All he did was exagerate his feeling toward what happened between them, whether someone leaves or not, if you've still got a relationship, no matter how complicated, cheating is fucked up. I don't even generally listen to rap but Eminem is pretty awesome. xD It's just what you'd expect from Slim Shady right?

Eminem is a song writer and genius | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/10

Its a fucking song to anyone who says its wromg and disgusting ure a Fucking fool iys justmusic It does not matter rapers rockstars popsrars they lie they say crazy shit its just music and Doesnt matter if u like the song then u like it u think eminems gonna go to hell for writing a song r u stupid get over ueself and off ure morale highground criticusng a mans song writing and crwativety yh irs nasty buy sooi are soooo many songs does that make the artist decil worshppin saitinists no u dumb fucks idiouts if u want serious emibem listen to stan oppisite of this the part thats him not stan on that track is the real griwn nan marshall

fucking wrong | Reviewer: sarah | 8/19/10

well, i love eminem...but this song is horrible. its just him screaming and having music in the backround, i dont give a fuck if it was just him "expressing his feelings" he didnt have to freaking actually put this song out there, this is the type of song that you would hide in your room. and it was mainly his fault for leaving her, therefore she's going to cheat. hahah people are stupid.

Eminem<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/10

i fucking love Eminem!i've recently gotten into rap again and have realized that i can easily relate to all of Eminem's songs!!i love him,not because he doesn't rap about money,sex,and drugs...he raps about LIFE!!=] so fuck all you haters,ima love Eminem no matter what.and to all you that say he's going to burn in hell for all these songs...you're going to burn in hell for putting down such an AMAZING rapper.

sexy song | Reviewer: jackazz | 8/6/10

This song is beyond words, and fuck all those haters, music is music regardless of genres so don't steroiotype it because its rap and you like rock, I like anything that sounds goodyall shoud too and this is a fuckin great song, but he should have actually killed her

my names really kim(: | Reviewer: kim | 7/27/10

i listend to this song and feell in love only a mastermind would be able to come up w| a sng this scary & great its cruel&unussal what makes it a good song! he did an amazing job! its a scarysong but cathcy! GOOD JOB

love it! | Reviewer: <3 | 7/16/10

all you eminem haters can go get fucked. if you dont like him then why bother listening to his songs. why bother wasting your breath making rude comments about him. no one gives a fuck what you have to say about him. eminem is probably the best rapper to ever walk this earth so dont go critisizing on someone that speaks just the truth on how he feels. you should look up to him for being so honest. this isnt a "sick" song or "twisted" song. its just a fucking song! about him expressing the way he feels about that bitch. so yous all get a life and dont listen to his stuff if you think its so horrible!

PURE AWESOMENESS!! | Reviewer: thatB!TCH | 7/8/10

Actually, i haven't heard the song, but i'm crazy about the lyrics. They are really, REALLY good. But that's nothing new for Em. In fact, i am more of a metal music fan, but i can't deny a good artist! He is an amazing rapper, and all other rappers would kill just to have half of what he can do, he is truely amazing. It's simple, if you don't like it, don't listen to it. I don't get it, if you other people hate Eminem so much, why go through so much trouble to read the lyrics and leave dumb comment which nobody gives a shit about? Pathetic. Grow up and get a life. This is more than music, it is poetry, it is art, and it is his way of expressing his emotions. We should feel honoured that he shares such personal details of his life. And for those of you who are saying that he should find other ways of expressing his feelings, why should he? This is what he does, what he is about. If you paint or draw to express your feelings, and you are really good at it, and some nobody tells you to find other ways to express yourself you will propably tell him to go fuck himself, won't you? Yeah, thought so. You don't like it, don't listen to it.

Creative song | Reviewer: mr. blah | 7/7/10

While it's violent and cruel, and why Kim was mad about it is obviously understandable, this song is extremely creative when you think about it. Not too many people would be able to come up with a song like this. And to all you assholes who are hating, you obviously don't know the pain's Em's felt in his life. He grew up poor in Detroit without a dad, bullied so much until he suffered a brain injury from one of his attackers, work for a decade to make a name for yourself in the rap After all that, would you want a girl you had been dating since high school to cheat on you and get knocked up? Think of how that would make you feel. He's just expressing himself. And this is a good song.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/10

You people cant complain at this song. Agreed it is quite...Graphic, but if you lived Eminems life and went through the shit he went through, im sure you would be writing songs like this. This is just his way of dealing with his problems.

I love it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

This sonq is amazinq. Eminem is my hero. He was not only raised in somewhere that he was treated like sh*t but he learned from his mistakes & made amazinq sonqs about life & proved to the world who he was, what he can accomplish & never the less; he can have a family that he supports 'till this day. I <3 EMiNEM.

FUCKING STUPID | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/10

Eminen is a fucker, this song is awful and guess what he is going to BURN IN HELL, singing about stuff like this is messed up and he needs to find a better way of expressing anger rather than bitching about a breakup, get over you little girl my god. He needs to grow up and get some help. and no im not a parent, im an 18 year old guy and this shit is messed up, this and all rap alike, people who like this, please grow up, who cares if hes "expressing his feelings" you dont do it in this way its twisted and wrong. and go ahead and flame me cause i know the music i listen to is much better, so i really dont care what you rap lovers think, ur dumbasses for listening to it.

some of the best lyrics, but scary | Reviewer: saru senpai | 6/30/10

This song is nothing more than a display of his feelings. All of you deranged deluded adults who come to this page and say "this music isn't appropriate! It can make people go insane!" It isn't true.People go insane when they are locked in situations they can't find a solution to, or when they have taken too much and they can't take anymore, or a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one. These things cause insanity. NOT A SONG!

Motherfucking Haters. | Reviewer: Brionny | 6/29/10

I love this song and I'm a 14 year old GIRL! I have always been a fan of Eminem and I have something to say to all the fucking haters. Do half of the haters know what Kim did to Eminem? Well do you? I'll tell you anyway. So basically they have been together since they were young. They got married and they were fighting ALOT! Kim goes and has an affair with a man and get pregnant again which Eminem also takes care of. He nearly got put in jail because of her and you are all saying he's going far calling her a 'bitch' Wouldn't you? Have you ever been so mad that you just want to punch a wall several times? Well Marshall felt angrier than that. He wrote a song to get his anger out instead of actually killing Kim which would be awful. Now i'm not blaming it all on Kim but she had a big part too. After the songs released she goes on a interview BLAMING Marshall for everything and for the cause of the break-up and says shes embarrased. Now you must know how he felt, If not go shag a wall you miserable old hag!