I love this song | Reviewer: Hollyness Hlulani Daniel | 7/13/11

Eminem could change the behaviour of his wife kim.having married that means we must stop cheating 4 each other. But i thnk kim she never think about it. Eminem he is the best rap singer who say truly things. Im HI.RAPPER 4RM SOUTH AFRICa

well.. | Reviewer: Kirby | 6/16/11

1)not all women cheat so not all of us are whores 2)men cheat too just cause women cheat more it doesn't let guys off so not all women are whores and some are acctually very kind and smart and sorry about the whole a**hole thing it was a spur of the moment anger but dude if you wanna have a good girlfriend then you're gonna have to have a different attitude towards women it can't be all women are sluts otherwise you'll just attract sluts you want a good girlfriend be kind to them and look harder it may be like findin' a needle in a heystack but it'll be worth it in the end oh and when you do find her you have to trust her and well hold her when she's sad and treat her equally not like a doormat cause if you treat her well then...well...you know and you will find her eventually if you try hard enough good luck and well just keep trying

NOM NOM ZOMGies!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: nom nom :-) | 6/15/11

This is a great song but sick and twisted at the same time great and beautiful. Go marshall!!! By the way, eminem doesnt sing rap or hip-hop he sings "Eminemisthebestestever"TM its the only genre i listen to. Who agrees that "Eminemisthebestestever" should be a real genre?!?!?!?!?! Go Slim Shady!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/11

Okay, I feel sorry for Kim: I'd feel sorry for anyone who had a song like this written about them! It think it was unbelievably sick of Eminem to write this about her and then to perform it to her! But seriously, it's an incredible track, I've never heard anything like it before! The emotions in it are so real they really affect the listener... it was incredible but really, really horrible. Compelling but sick. Wow.

Im NOT an @sshole | Reviewer: Gaurav_kathait | 6/11/11

Women cheat more than men bcoz they are filthy whores. In my state where i live a woman is very hard to find bcoz they have a very bad attitude towards men. They think who they are and they r nothing. Lots of men that i know have had bad experiences with women like me. Thats why we have a very bad attitude towards women too. Not all of us men r bad. I am one of those nice men that would know how to treat a woman if i could find the right one. Their attitude just sucks today.

EXCUSE ME!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

ok listen up you a** known as what was it ahh yes Gauray not all women are the manipulative b*tches you speak of yes there are a lot of them but not all, and excuse me cumbuckets!! women were not made for mens pleasure they were made to be teated equally don't get me wrong I love this song it's amazing along with other songs by eminem but mr Gauray yeah go f yourself men are not the only ones who have crap to deal with women have problems with men such as scum like you so yeah f you, you a**hole

INCREDIBLE | Reviewer: RapItUp | 6/4/11

this song is just amazing.I got goosebumps when I first heard it, and I couldn't believe that an artist would make such a raw,REAL Emotional track like this.doesnt matter what anyone says, eminem is and always will be the greatest EVER.lyrical genius.ahead of his time. truly puts the 'art' bit into 'artist'.

I HATE WOMEN | Reviewer: Gaurav_kathait | 6/4/11

I've always hated women, because they're self-righteous, selfish, manipulative, psychotic, arrogant, cruel pieces of shit. I think the world's female population should be reduced atleast 35 percent. When i want sex, i go to whores, because i respect prostitutes more than "normal" women, because prostitutes atleast know they're whores and are honest about it. Unlike "normal" women, who are also worthless cumbuckets, just without guts to admit it. FUCK YOU GARGI

So wow | Reviewer: Sara | 4/23/11

Marshal and Kim have been through a lot of shit. Ever since high-school, and this song is an expression that he's pissed she's fucked him over so much. On the "Up in smoke tour" Eminem used a replica doll of Kim and abused it on stage. This is not a love song. This is a fuck you, you fucking whore song. This is a I loved you and you fuck me over song. He might love her for his daughter's sake but he's honestly better without the drama she put into his already messed up live. And in response to this song,because Kim obviously didn't see this as a love song either, slit her wrists, then tried to sue Eminem for liable.

nono@no.com | Reviewer: no | 4/14/11

If he were singing about lynching a black man, people here would be disgusted and would not defend it as "art," so why defend it when it is about a white woman? I don't care how angry someone is over "cheating" (and didn't he leave her and get with someone else before she got with anyone, so how is that cheating?), singing about killing one's baby momma is just sick. He is deeply disturbed.

Twat, speaking of lynching I think you should be lynched.

love eminem | Reviewer: lisa | 3/31/11

i listen to the song over and over again because theres so much emotion to it. i`ve never seen eminem so fcuked up and hurt. its just.. wow.
my fave part has got to be : "i hate you. i hate you! i swear to God i hate you. oh my god i love you.."
awwwwwwwwwwwwweee :)
anyways, i love you, marshall.
rock on. and fuck you haters.
what if you get cheated on? most people kill themselves. i`d rather write a song about it.

A perfect love song | Reviewer: DWC | 3/20/11

Am I the only one who see's this as a love song?

The song isn't about Kim cheating on Marshall (yes his real name, Eminem and Slim Shady are alter egos), its about all the crap she's put him through over their relationship. But his showing her despite it all he still loves her and will continue to love her, it portrays the greatest betrayal she could commit and his reaction to it. What comes out from the lyrics and the rant is so powerful and emotional it's guaranteed to generate an effect in the listener, some (prehaps most) will see it as his sick fantasy but some will see it as it was obviously intended a song written to show his true feelings for kim (that he properly cannot say himself), it's not Shakespeare or Byron sure, but its still a deeply moving love song, if I ever fall so in love with a woman like he had I'll have her listen to the song to show her how I feel.

BTW The song was recorded in 1999 and The Marshall Mathers LP was released in May 2000, more then 10 days would pass before she was seen kissing John Guerrera. Also has anyone even heard of the song "97' Bonnie & Clyde", from the Slim Shady LP, an obvious connection to "Kim".

This Song Kinda Disturbs Me. . . | Reviewer: ♫ Gabi Unixcorn! ♪ | 3/18/11

This song is a little disturbing. I mean, like, screaming at someone to bleed?! That's just wack chizz! But seriously; why take this song seriously? He's just letting his feelings out. I understand... Kind of.

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

This song and the EMINEM are both really fuked up I mean what the hell I don't care if she cheated on him that does not give him the right to sing a song about killing her how could you find this song not disturbing at all

I understand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

I get the moral behind his songs and it IS more than just ohmygod I wanna kill this person if you really think or look for the moral of this song its this person hurt me but I really don't want anyone to see me hurt or see me cry I know how that feels I've been through stuff like that actually I'm still like that Kim hurt him and this is just his way of saying he doesn't want her to see him hurt and he doesn't want anybody else to see him like that either and I can relate to that other people just don't understand sometimes or they don't want to so it makes it hard to trust people and I understand that--Cheyenne K.