Deeply disturbed Eminem | Reviewer: Anon | 2/7/11

If he were singing about lynching a black man, people here would be disgusted and would not defend it as "art," so why defend it when it is about a white woman? I don't care how angry someone is over "cheating" (and didn't he leave her and get with someone else before she got with anyone, so how is that cheating?), singing about killing one's baby momma is just sick. He is deeply disturbed.

Honestly, you guys... | Reviewer: ♪EminemFanz♪ | 1/15/11

I don't know why you guys are taking this song so seriously!
This song is mainly just Marshall being pissed off at Kim for cheating on him with John Guerra. When you're angry, I'm sure you have your ways of calming down. Well, Marshall's seems to be writing and preforming songs about it.

fuck you haters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/11

this song isnt sick, neither is love the way youu lie miss blah blah, ur fuckn blah. all songs eminem does i can pretty much relate 2. its called love, youu do crazy shit when youur inlove and he is tryin 2 express himself. so screw youu. kay ? (:
<33 Brie
(i support youu eminem , just like many others

LOVE EMINEM<333 | Reviewer: keira | 12/27/10

Okay, i love eminem so much. and everyone needs to shut up. he was mad she hurt him its way better than him actually hurting her. its a way of venting his anger. she actually cheated on him. he didnt actually do anything to her. ok he humilated her and hurt her with this song, ok she deserved it. she CHEATED on him! I love Em<33

Well, what I think... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

Eminem probably wrote and recorded this song in a matter of days, weeks, months or whatever. But I'm sure it wasn't like a song he wrote when he was sane. I'm kind of a rapper too and I wrote a song about raping, killing, and humiliating my ex-girlfriend after she cheated on me. Maybe its just because when you're going through such an emotional state you just can't control it. In Anger Management sessions my therapist diagnosed me EI (Emotionally Instable) so maybe Em is the same way. Maybe you guys just can't understand it...

I think we should all be glad he vented his anger instead of actually doing it. In his song "Cleaning Out My Closet" he says "the smartest thing I did was take those bullets out of that gun. Cause I would've killed em, yeah, I would've shot Kim and them both" So lets be glad none of that actually had to happen and we get to continue to enjoy good Eminem music. Thank you EM! And congratulations on being clean!

P.S. I love you Eminem and your daughter Hailie (<-- Correct Spelling) <3 <3 I really like Hailie too!! FUCK KIM!!! But she's a nice lady when she's not being evil too. You have a really nice family

OMFG!! | Reviewer: J-nas | 12/23/10

It's actually better for him to whrite this song, Insted of doin that shit! i felt exactly the same when my X did the same to me! and im sure that THIS song helped me trough this!! so fuck everyone who think this is sick!! you are just lame, and probly have no fealings!! ( Feel he's anger. Then u know why! )

get over it -.- | Reviewer: <3 anonymous | 12/23/10

Okay grow up. Its called MUSIC! Instead of criticizing what he writes you all should respect him cause he has the guts to rap it! And that's EXACTLY what he's trying to make people understand in a few of his songs: that its all just entertainment! A few people will hate it others will love it... Either way, everyone listens to it. I personally think his lyrics are great. I don't idolize or hate him because I'm not that influenced my the media... So get over it people its not like your comments will stop him from rapping ;)
<3 anonymous

really people? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/10

Look, you guys don't understand anything do you? its a damn song, get over it. it may have some gruesome lyrics, but who cares? dissing this song is as stupid as saying resident evil will happen. and quit trying to fight someone elses fight. don't defend eminem like he's your fucking mom and don't get pissed with him like he shot your dog. let it fucking go. -signed Dashaun94

Be Real | Reviewer: Matt | 11/22/10

It's a song, and it's Eminem, therefore there's a purpose and magic is made. He expresses his feelings through beats, and that's natural. Just because his lyrics are gruesome doesn't mean shit, he still is a great lyricist and makes great music, if only people only understood him, but him and me, we're both misunderstood.

eminem.2 | Reviewer: joseph | 11/19/10

i love you and all your songs man my dream is to meet you im your biggest fan there is not one song of yours that i hate when i grow up i want to be just like you. i know all your songs by heart there all my favorites and to met dr.dre my freinds loves you alot they know all your songs by heart to. sinded. your biggest fan joseph jude. garcia i live san antonio westside in the casanos 1525 hidolo st.

Anser to you jupiter | Reviewer: Fanny again:p | 11/15/10

Sure sure your right. Anyone would be mad if they got through what Eminem did and blah blah blah... But still! If you write a song about killing the Mother of your child, then i just cant stop thinkin that something just aint right. Its not like he wrote about a whore he met at the gas station or something. Its hayleys Mother! Its not sane for god sake! Or am i crazy?

This is the Eminem that I like. | Reviewer: Blah Blah | 11/12/10

I used to like Eminem so much. Because of his psycho and shit, like this song. FUCK "Love the way you lie", fuck that shit. This song is sick, no one else can does it, and Love The Way You Lie ? People can do that all the time ? I miss the old Eminem.

can you people hear yourselves??? | Reviewer: jupiter | 11/12/10

Eminem isn't going to hell for singing about his feelings. And who gives a shit how he expresses them??? Obviously a lot of people appreciate his work, including myself. And, do any of you people have the slightest clue what he's been through???? If all the shit that happened to him happened to you, I sure as hell think you would be this much of an angry person as well! I can't believe some of the things you people are saying. It's not like he actually goes on killing sprees or any crap like that. He doesn't even go out and harm them. And, may I just point out the fact that Kim is still alive? It's not like he actually killed her. Do you people still believe in the tooth fairy and santa claus?? Because if you think any of this shit he says about killing is real then you're pretty fucking gullible. He would never do anything like this. Eminem is the most amazing rapper out there, so I wish people would quite dissing him for expressing his feelings...

R U GUYS STUPID OR SOMETING | Reviewer: Fanny | 11/6/10

This is wrong
This is just wrong.
Eminem just blowed up a fan cause i cant look at him the same anymore. I was reading some reviews when i read one that made me mad!
She/he wrote about that what Eminem did was right and she didnt even understand why KIM left EMINEM! I MEAN NEWFLASH! HE LEFT KIM! And them he kills her for CHEATING! omg he cheated on her and she got over it! I mean Anyone would have done that! And whats the most incradible and "amazing" is that his asskissers to fans thinks that what he did was right! I mean oh another newsflash: he is fucking insane! "But wait he is my idol you cant say that". Oh Yes i can morons. He is insane! Thanks for your time:)

music? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/10

okay eminem is my biggest idol in the world. he's music is just so fucking amazing. BUT this wasn't music, just him screaming to microphone i think. and who really want to listen about him killing kim?!