Creepy...but good. | Reviewer: Foenyx | 11/26/07

The first time I heard this song, I was creeped out. It's good, don't get me wrong, but don't listen to it when you're awake in the middle of the night and it's completely dark. It'll give you the creeps.

yoyo | Reviewer: lil | 11/21/07

i really like eminem, but when i heard this song it creapt we shouldn't sound so agresive!
and when am i gonna hear a new song alrady?i miss em..

This song is fucing great | Reviewer: THC | 11/12/07

I thing this song is one of the best Eminem`s song, the second best is 97 Bonnie&Clyde, which is the second part of Kim, masterpeace! fuck u all who dont like it, go suck on your mamma`s titie

mee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

i realy dont get what you lot are saying! its a song... lern to listening to it.. so what if he mean it or not... it sold as a reocrd dint it ?? i think the songs wiked.. as well as all his others. sooo get of ur high horses and just listen too sum good shyte

great song | Reviewer: megan sucks dick | 11/3/07

to all the haters and personally offended - FUCK YOU. Most of the people who hate this song are just goes to show girls cant do shit other than complain and sukk dikk.

it´s interesting | Reviewer: sandyy | 11/2/07

ok .. for the all women that song is bad but for me is good.. because eminem only discrimina at his wife because she was or is a beatch with him and with her daughter

Fu***d Up | Reviewer: Dj Khillsta | 10/27/07

this song is 100% f****d up. who'd make a song about killin their wife, and on about sumone gettin his adams apple cut and their kids throat cut? EMINEM NEEDS HELP. ALOT OF IT

true story | Reviewer: megan | 10/26/07

I feel that Eminem is telling his ex-wife what he would have done to her{but didn't!]
and this song got lots of negitive publicity for no reason!!
you hear lots of rappers say thing in thier songs but not all of them get negitive publicity
like Snoop Dogg [no offence!] saying he is going to go and rape ppl and kill 'em but that crap doesn't get publicity.
well it has nothing to do with publicity, they are just mad because a white rapper can get more ppl to listen to him!! and holy crap lets all make fun of eminem because he is a white boy! like wtf is up with that? Eminem helps lots of kids get through bulling and divorce when he speaks the truth! so Leave Eminem alone!!!

nice | Reviewer: Cricky | 9/30/07

i think this song is cool....i get the point that hes trying to remid his wife that he felt sorrow back then and hes just letting her know it .. thats the bit when he says bleed bitch bleed and all. other than that.. i might be wrong but i think this is a good song and the chorus is the best.

U lot need to lighten up | Reviewer: james | 9/22/07

Anybody that takes this song seriously needs help. All Eminem is doing is expressing his feelings of hatred towards his wife through song. And thos of u saying that eminem is sad and why would his wife cheat on him just do not get the point of the song, i think u should read the lyrics again, and listen to the song until u realise the point of it.

title | Reviewer: meh? | 9/4/07

if he's so upset than fine but why should he let the whole world know it and kinda killing his wife is way too much.

Dumbass | Reviewer: G.O. | 8/12/07

I'm thinking that you're the "retar". Can you not type? Dude, it's called reading (in this case listening) between the lines. Ass only the first four people have mentioned, Eminem is expressing extreme anger. He'd never do it. He doesn't need help. Righting and rap are is form of theripy, as he's clearly diplayed.
P.S. I totally agree with you BayB. I'm a Woman.

misunderstandin | Reviewer: cookie-himself | 7/25/07

he raps like that so he can get his anger out if he did mean that shit then she would be dead and hed be in jail and none of them are true although i do feel sorry for the comment under me i just leave the girl/women ill swear and curse but i wont physically hurt them unless im defending myself

The Song is Pretty Good | Reviewer: Eikechi Onizuka | 7/25/07

If you ignore the fact he is spouting on about murdering in revenge and listen to the deeper meaning of the lyrics you can understand why he would do something like that or any person who has been cheated on for that matter however in society to do something like that means life sentencing which tends to mean they keep the revenge idea to there fantasies and never act on it, Eminem is a wonderful rapper who despite all the negative media coverage he has received and how most of his songs come across he is actually speaking to common person lyrically about how they probably would feel (personally I loved Toy Soldiers by Eminem though)
Peace out folks.

a review and a comment | Reviewer: Xantor | 7/25/07

Hey fleebus, you know, there's a song written especially about you, it's off the same album and it's called "Stan". If women are weaker than men then men as the stronger gender have the responsibility to be always there for them and support them in every way. Did you know that generally men cheat on their partners much more than women do? If you are ugly, no self-esteem and grown up in a dysfunctional family, well, blame yourself for that. Have fun hating the world and blaming the others for your problems. Oh, and some words about the song - I think it's not meant to be taken literally, the character that commits the killing is not eminem nor represents him in any way be sure of it. Oh, and the Korean dude - don't worry about it, one feller with the same ethnicity as yours already did that en mass.

P.S. I'm a man.