Damn Sho Em! | Reviewer: N. Miztahfuxwit | 5/30/13

What a based song. Damn Slim Shady holds it down in this track and really makes it hit home too cuz sometimes we all want a mufuking break from the shiz going round all damn day, and it's one of da realest tracks on the album. shoutout to the Dirty Dozen too ya heard?

who cant relate? thm happy ppl with nice lives | Reviewer: ash | 11/19/09

its a heartfelt song man. if eminem evr does read these things, i wana let u knw man ur right in wht u believe bout tht beautiful shit, and ur a real mafukka, regardless of wht neone thinks. haha and props to PSA 2000. shit crakkd me up

Trueeee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/09

I've been listening to Eminem since the eminem show album i just found this song though and though exactly what this other guy is saying. The song speaks such truth in the beggining I can relate and I love this song so much. Favorite eminem song!

So Fucking True | Reviewer: Jimbo | 9/13/08

man this fucking song speaks the fucking truth espesially the begining poeple in this fucking world can be strait up bitches Eminem you need to come back n save us from this stupid rap music of 08.Rap has become so fucking stupid since Em dropped out.Eminem you will always be the best fucking rapper ever.i give props to you on that

great fucking song.One of the best Eminem songs.

Jimmy A.K.A Jimbo From Dat No-Town In Cali
Eminem Please Save Us!!!!!!!

i love your song | Reviewer: whitney | 8/23/07

your song is so cool i love it i listen to it every time when i go parteyin every one screams your songs out its so cool my brother who is 22 wants to meet you so much he ha every albums and sigles that you have bought out i like the song toy soildger