JA FOOL | Reviewer: TeamEminem | 10/18/09

Why the hell, would he put a little girl's name in his crusty ass mouth like that? I would've kicked that bitch's ass!! He's a pussy ass bitch and he can't rap for shit!!! That's why Eminem is still makin' records, and Ja Rule's ugly midget ass ain't sellin' SHIT!!!

ha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

I first started my mission by reading the lyrics to toy soldiers. Then the lyrics to loose change, then these lyrics. I never really gotten the full idea until i listened to and read the lyrics to all of the diss songs. Em's got all rights to diss Ja. He messed with the wrong Father

the truth | Reviewer: antonio torres | 2/12/09

why people lie you think she doesnt know who here real son is come on these othere fake ass rappers dont know shit lie to kick it who the fuck are they to stress on here and play with that womens mind she knows were here son is and thats here buisness no one elses so every body shut the fuck up already with all that dramma and if he was still alive why would he deal with yall any was concedering people like yall always hating trying to describe rhiders or should i say imataters mommys no they babbys and she whont lie maybe he did get away so what you never find him dont ever think you will but i gotta go things to do ya no see ya good bye

hahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/08

this shit is funny if u look wha JA said first off that niggas song was like 2 min long... n he was only one singin in it dissin everyone by himself... look at em.. this nigga has like 15 people in this song that want ja's neck... really smart ja FUCK WIT THE WRONG CROWD.. i love & admire em all day erryday always have n always will... mad love for this shit right here.

that's what dad's for | Reviewer: sarah | 10/4/07

hailie ur a very lucky girl to have such a father like eminem. i wish mine was like urs. remember ur dad loves u dearly and he'll represent u no matter wat kid. ur dad's the best rapper, and i admire his music.he teaches me in his songs wat to expect from people & life, thanks eminem! i respect u!!!

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Leonor | 7/20/07

This is song is beast, yo!!! Halie you mad lucky not only did ur dad diss Ja Rule for you, he let you kick his ass 2!

hmmmmm | Reviewer: suck my left one | 6/5/07

i like da song n dat n it kills ja but y dint em sing in it

eminem | Reviewer: ISABELLA | 5/31/07


Go hailie...its ur brithday! | Reviewer: Carlina and Kat | 7/10/05

The truth is Hailie...although you may be the same size as Ja Rule you are much more mature. Ja Rule has nothin better to do than pick on your family. Your dad is kicking his ass in the music world and Ja rule is scared shitless (sorry about the words Eminem). I think this song is great because your daddy didn't just let him get mad at Ja Rule but he let you kick ja rule's butt too...you guys are a great team.