eminem is the best | Reviewer: fyn | 2/12/12

eminem is the best dissing eminem is like having a race with bolt, eminem can beat anyone who fucks with him.
I write and I know I will never be able to spit as well as eminem his shit is fucking insane
I kinda feel sorry for bizkit.

Tupac isn't a better freestyler than Eminem | Reviewer: Florin | 6/28/11

Hi everybody,

First of all, i've got to say, Eminem has and had the right to diss anyone who wants, and that pussy who sayd that Fred is better than Eminem has a mental ilness...

And secondlly, I mean, Tupac was a Awsome rapper, greatest of all time, but c'mon dawg, he wasen't that good at freestyling, i mean, he could write songs, and damn good songs, but Eminem in a fucking freestyle battle would whip Tupac's ass, no offence, and by the way, Eminem's former best friend, PROOF was better than him at a freestyle, Eminem admited it, Proof was better in a freestyle...

OHH and by the way
''And fuck BIZKIT! Cause I know you're sayin fuck D-12
Only not to our face, under your breath, to yourselves'' ;D

wtf are u talkin bout | Reviewer: pdog | 12/17/10

yo jon who said eminem is jealous and that limp bizkit is better. what the fuck are you on bitch. em is the best rapper ever to live even better the 2pac was. his first official album sold 9x platinum and still selling. and i pretty sure limp shitzkit doesnt have an album that went 9x platinum especialy not there very first one. also em sold 500 copys of an unoficial album out of the trunk of his car before anyone knew who he was. eminem has NOONE TO BE JEALOUS OF especialy not shit biscuit or watever they are who half of america doesnt even know about. you can ask a 3 year old austistic kid who eminem is and she would know. she would also know that hes better in every way than those pussy ass biscuit shitters that rapp about drugs and shit when em raps about life and thats what people care about. if we want to here about drugs we'd pay attention in health class wen were kids fucktard

Limp Bizkit's better...jEminem's jealousy... | Reviewer: Jon | 12/3/10

He complains that Fred and Lethal talk shit about him? What the hell is he doing? Did he ever get a return song from Limp Bizkit? No, because unlike Eminem, Limp Bizkit has sense to them and they don't have to start shit no one cares about. Eminem is a good rapper, I do like some of his songs, but he doesn't need to bitch at people all the time... it's pathetic. Besides, I think he's just jealous of Limp Bizkit, especially Fred since Fred's a way better rapper.

yea, but there are 2 sides to everything | Reviewer: Alex | 8/16/09

don't get me wrong, i like this song, and he's got a lot of points, but if he's talkin about people bein pussies.... i'm not sayin he is on, but he DID make it into a song instead of just hopin on a plane and goin to them himself. you know he has the money to go to them, shit, he's an amazin rapper. fool can freestyle like no other. some are more wrong in this situation than others, no one should have started anything, but they both are talkin shit about each other through the media. feel me? i like that it's unlisted in the record though, but he still put it on there and divided fans, because a lot of people simply hate someone else just because their favorite whoever hates them. we don't know the whole story, therefore we shouldn't know any of it. keep your personal shit to yourself. thats all i'm sayin. i hope he's not so angry someday, most of his records call someone out on how they hate him, i don't think it really matters because if he's as amazing as we all know he is, he could sell records without using the fact that people are pissed at him either way.

Eminem will whip anyone's ass! | Reviewer: Eminem motherfuckers | 11/19/08

who said that he is a biggest fan of em? i have got every shit that he is recorded on my phone, ipod, pc and even uni hard disk! over 400 recordings. i got his pictures all over my room and loads of pics on pc. ok bout the song now.

who the fuck said that this is dissing girls u retard?

this is limp bizkit diss because they are pussies they said that everlast will whip his ass on fuckin mtv! the main reason em flipped was because limp bizkit was supposed to be on everlast diss and he's like (oh yeah man write some shit ill say it on ur diss.)but he fucked up and if em will c him he will kill him! Em is the best rapper alive and fuck 2pac, im not sayin he is shit but em is still better than any1. lol lil wayne wanted to work with him and he refused and said fuck off to him , hhahahaha

WHAT?! IS REALLY DUMB | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/08

this ain't bout girls, it's bout Limp Bizkit (Durst and Lethal) that went on MTV and said that Everlast would whip Em's ass (physically, i think Lethal said this) but Durst also said that in a freestyle battle, Em would kick Whitey's ass(WHICH IS FUCKING TRUE, EM WOULD KICK ANYBODY'S ASS IN FREESTYLE!!!, except for Pac :'( )

You guys are pussies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

LOL fuck you guys saying get a grip because he disses girls? Shut the fuck up, you're a fuckin coward saying it over the internet, go listen to limp bizkit and keep rollin rollin rollin all the way to fag land faggot.

See this faggot can't do shit but drop disses
they gotta stick up for these bitches
because they're fuckin sissy's therselves
they could never stand up to anyone they'll just fall, so think twice before you say shit,

you'll end up dropin' the ball, end up crawlin' back to your fuckin mommy, who gives you two pennies to get the fuck out of her face, you a disgrace, I dare you mother fucker to dis me back, i'll put you right in your place, because you know you'll get cracked, and you fuckin know that.

That's how it is!! | Reviewer: Batjuban | 12/28/07

u know Em' watchu said was true acording to me when i read the lyrics "u hav to know this man I'm ya biggest fan" I really wanna rap witchu man
I love you man and all ya frens 50cent,D12,Xibit
ya producer Dr.Dre and ya whole Crew

eminem-girls lyrics | Reviewer: gourley8_lfc@hotmail.com | 11/8/07

this song is fukin amazin
its my fave at da moment.eminem is my fave singer/rapper in da world btw way.i ave 121 songs of hiom on my itunes. dis is a another very good personal song by eminem. if any of da ppl respoded 2 dat. well fuk, itll b better. bt dis is very hard 2 retalliate 2.

Yo the greatest rapper In the world......... | Reviewer: DeAdrian | 10/30/07

A mane this song meant a lot........
I wanted to werite this song and make it into my own words like u did 2Pac's song......
I know u hear his a lot but I'm Yo biggest fan even though I dont know all tat presonal shit about yo life.......
Keep on doin wat u do u gone meet me one day BigD.....Peace out.....

Limp Bizkit and Eminem | Reviewer: Crazy Rocker Dude!!! | 10/23/07

I have to be totally honest Shady did a good job on this diss lol but i like Durst to hes a great guy but Shady is someone you can aspire to you can really relate to him and yes i am an Emo guy and so the fuck what im proud of liking Shady i like so many rockers as well and some rap but i really like Eminem he stands out amongst the crowd hes a modern shakespeare and hes a Mother fucking renegade :D but Eminem should do more duets with rockers i like the Song Fuck off he did with Kid rock but he should do a duet with Korn or another duet with Marylin Manson or Gym class heroes i think Eminem always has potential.

Everlast | Reviewer: Jared | 10/2/07

He was talking about the song that leaked about Everlast (Whitey Ford), it's called "I Remember". From what i gather, DJ lethal was supposed to be involved, backed out and then went on MTV and talked shit about Eminem (Lethal and Everlast were both in House of Pain) hence this song, which has nothing to do with Girls, it's an insult to call a guy a girl, it's not sexist, it's a challenge to manhood is all.

jamie078@yahoo.co.uk | Reviewer: James Andrews | 8/2/07

The lyrics to this song are awesome. Man, even Fred must sit back in absolute admiration of the work of Eminem.

The guys a lyrical genius. The Dylan of the 21st century.

confused | Reviewer: rockjunky5550@aol.com | 8/1/07

first off im confused as to how some one could think that this song was actually about girls...and those girls deserve to be descriminated against.
second what was eminem talking about when he said that a song that was talking shit about limp bizkit leaked? what song is he talking about.and did limp bizkit ever come back with anything?