Dig it, bitchez! | Reviewer: Dicky Bitchfoot | 1/1/14

If this had been released as a poem it would have won countless awards. Rap has never been given the respect as an artform that it deserves and MnM is a true master. And middle-aged middle class people condemn rap as crass and vulgar because it portrays a world of violence, drugs, prostitution and money, forgetting that this is just a reflection of the world the rapper lives in. If eminem grew up in a smart suburban neighbourhood in a neet Christian family of 4 with a dog and 2 cars, let's face it, his raps would be shit! Why can't these fools understand simple things?

.. | Reviewer: lana | 6/9/07

em is a fucking genius
rappin aint easy and he does it well.
i dont care if you agree or not but
to me is the only white rapper that pulls that shit off

fuck yah | Reviewer: Rylee Thomas | 6/4/07

fuck yah i love this song!
eminem iss soo hott i can beileve it