Actually you're both WRONG | Reviewer: Johnny Payso | 12/9/08

This verse is HOT! After hearing this, it really makes me believe that Stat quo is the best lyricist and overall rapper out of all of the group.
What he says on that line is:
"You on that DOJO GI JOE shit but you ain't a soldjiah, choppa or folda. You ain't cobra commanda you doza."
DOJO is a GI JOE. choppa or folda meaning choppin rocks and folding money stacks. Cobra commander is the bad guy leader and dozer is another character from GI JOE. SEE now that you know what he REALLY says, makes this verse ALL THAT MUCH HOTTER!

uhhh | Reviewer: ryan | 7/15/07

yeah these lyrics are wrong...the kid just typed what everything sounded like. you a bolzer? its poser... i should rewrite these lol