codymuhfukkinbrownwassupbitch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/11

Slimshady is the shit, ICP or shall i say thee Insane Clown Pussies are not wicked clowns, their a pair of fucking clown shoes, they suck dick lick balls and always remember to swallow, the best they got was hi my name is slim anus, Em has skills said and done fuck yo couch

toast with butter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/11

OK for starters this song is the bomb second i gotta agree with .......... toast. i mean yeah. i did not quite get what toast was saying i think the one that was most hurtful was the second to last one. You are giving us eminem lovers a bad name. i do agree this is one of his best songs but keep it clean ang dont give your self and others a bad name cause you dont know whos gonna see it so if your gonna be bad then do on twitter myspace facebook or whatever just not here its not the time and not the place!!!!!!!!!!!!
peace out
Toast with butter

Toast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/10

This is a very catchy fast paced song and the lyrics are simple enough that most people can follow it.
What drives me up a wall is the first review posted.
Its not that difficult to at least try to sound halfway intelegent. don't give eminem fans a bad name.

Shizney | Reviewer: Radical Davey Dave | 11/1/07

I is the biggest fan o dis mutha cus i like listen to his shit all the time ya'll majentah ill school u any day


Oh Come On | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

Okay I love eminem he is such a skilled rap artist.
And yet this song I find to be dissing one of the most meaningful duet acts out their.
Im a juglette and I support ICP and what they stand for,why do these guys have to fued over something so pitiful as not asking permission to use name?
Come on fellas get your acts together!
There are some good beats blasting from both these bands so stop the hating ya'll?

This sng is the bst cos it's got eminem in it! | Reviewer: MajEnTAH | 8/18/07

I am eminem's biggest fan and ill prove it to any biatch who dnt believe it!Im mrs shady so what!!
This sng is good but not 1 of his best u lots marshall


i luv this song!!! | Reviewer: elise | 6/4/07

hey i luv eminem!!!!! i am the siste of his biggest fan!!!!