damn this song is good | Reviewer: Shade | 4/10/07

this song should beon 1 of the official albums
damn i like it.
Eminem is da best.
Cant wait until his next solo album is coming out in november 2008

Eminem is a Legend! | Reviewer: Louis | 3/20/07

I have only heard this song a couple of times, but i think it's sick! Eminem - Complete legend, best rapper ever!

ya'all rite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/07

every one here is right, dis song is rippin many rappers... and it is stupid that it is doin dat but if u pay attention he is also pleadin to stop dit shit, n hes rite so many gwd rappers av gone now coz if dese stupid fueds.

EMINEM= Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/06

this is fuckin ACE i love it so should be on the album deffo 1 of his best songs eva love you marshall mathers

Greatest rapper | Reviewer: Fireblade | 11/2/05

I think eminem is probly the best rapper / hip-hop artist to walk this earth as he is white and has great lyrics, he propa rinses the stage when hes up there, hes shown people that u dont av 2 be black 2 rap. Hes the rappin god. long live marshall.

R.I.P Tupac n biggie

eminem that we know | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/05

it is sad that this song isnt on the album..this could save it a little bit..great song

SAD SAD SAD... | Reviewer: Kita | 1/8/05

I'm not dissing Eminem, I think he's a great rapper. It's just really sad if this is what rap/hip hop is about now... This is getting old. How many people are gonna have to pay for all this stupidity? It's just sad.

eminem is gr8 | Reviewer: Ben Hulland | 10/19/04

this song rips it out of other rapers. eminem is a bad boy raper who has brought the white race into rap go on marshall