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Performed by Eminem

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Eminem is my favorite rapper along with lil Wayne dr dre and Ludacris. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/13

I love eminem he is my favorite rapper I like him a lot he and little Wayne and
Dr dre are a lot better the ja rule I do not like ja rule one little bit I think he sucks at rapping but i do like ludacris he is awesome because he is off of 2 fast 2 furious.

EMINEM | Reviewer: J.J | 4/17/11

What a fucking rapper, i don't give a shit about his life or anything else but his music is fucking awesome and his style of rap is out of this world....
Rap is my favorite genere just because of HIM!!

eminem the rapper | Reviewer: | 6/22/10

eminem is the best rapper alive and prbably will stay the best one even after he dies this song i just love it i actually love all his songs hes just a BEAST at rappin and he seems like he has a great personality from what ive read

bolshit | Reviewer: m&M | 3/25/10

there he sings, meanings are shallow
like a toasty bread, hard to swollow
ya feel him, i do, bitchery, for those..
his talking about his dream, cronics, and hooves
with dre they still fighting wolves

ride eminem, the horizon is near
take money or wath ever you want
fucking crazy, a wold full of fear
yours are weapon against wolves we are not ant

life bob eminem muslims till death do us part.

Style | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/09

Eminem was influenced by Esham a long time ago. This is Esham Acid Rap. If you like this song check out Esham Boomin' words from Hell to Closed Casket. And I think Eminem actually says we'll scare ya to marbles. That's what it sounds like to me.

Eminem Biterphobia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/08

As is the case with many rappers, Eminem started out underground like this - about the culture and the real music. Then as fame and money come into the picture, people start to change. The mainstream likes to warp people so they produce chicken feed like all of Eminem's songs from after Slim Shady LP. What aggravates me most is how a guy who found it so hard to be accepted for rapping has managed (sadly, along with Dr.Dre) to commercialise and capitalise a whole culture.
peace to all the hip hop heads

eminem biterphobia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/08

im a big eminem fan and have followed a lot of his work, i dont give a shit about his life but i do care about the tallent showed in this song, i had never herd this song until 23/4/08 and had been following his music since i was suckin on my mums tits its fuckin amazing, no other rapper has this type of style and tallent

Holy shit | Reviewer: MC Kayper | 9/22/07

this is probably one of eminems fastest rapped songs, faster than the line in 'can-a-bitch' where he says "what happened to the way you was rappin when you was canabitch / ... / turned into a television evangelist" fucking insane song!

Shady sold out | Reviewer: The Infinite | 9/11/07

I'm setting flames to the hell house step to me and all my hate will be delt out
i'm just pissed cuz shady's a sell out
he went from a creative well rounded rapper
to and actor cuz he's paid and he's felt now
he didn't fall off he just fell down let em out of the cage and he's a fake face you'd just love to hate he was just so much better when he was held down!!!!!!!!!

sick song | Reviewer: eminem fan | 7/8/07

This song is sick like all of his others eminem best rapper alive some people say lil wayne but he isnt even on eminems level

Biterphobia Love It! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

What The F**K This Song Is Well Cool, Me And Me Best Mate Listen To This At School, EMINEM & TUPAC Best Rappers In Th world YA HEARD!!

Bout Em's song biterphobia | Reviewer: ShadysGirl | 5/29/07

This is 1 of his best songs, i wish he would get more recognition for his underground records cause they have some of the most original, creative lyrics today.

About the song Biterphobia performed by Eminem | Reviewer: Shadysgirl | 5/29/07

This is 1 of his best songs, i wish he would get more recognition for his underground records cause they have some of the most original, creative lyrics today.

Sweet | Reviewer: MC Bucky | 4/10/07

This is'nt Eminem's first song. (He recorded tons before that). I'm gonna agree with anonymous he should rerelease Infinite and the Slim Shady EP, and this song is off of Soul intent's Fuckin' Backstabber demo tape, witch he also should rerelease.

wow | Reviewer: jlee | 3/19/07

this is Eminem's first song ever and it is probably his best one ever. i'm reading the lyrics and it's almost impossible to sing along

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