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Performed by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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ELP at the California Jam | Reviewer: Ty | 4/1/11

If you appreciate ELP and ever have an opportunity to watch The California Jam, keep watching until ELP's portion of the show. You'll witness Emerson playing a full grand piano as it turns over end to end. Quite the showman, that one.

"Disturbing the waters of our lives" | Reviewer: Ray | 9/22/07

This song is out of this world. If you listen hard enough in the middle of the song, you will hear a pebble dropping on a puddle of water. I think it is where you hear Lake playing his guitar softly before they start clapping.

Anyways, this song is truely inspirational.
I love the line: "Disturbing the waters of our lives"

Excellent tune - represents what is missing in the crap being broadcast now | Reviewer: Ted | 9/1/06

Todays musicians could benefit greatly from studying the proficiency and depth brought to rock by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. These three guys (along with a few others) took rock to another level. Emerson clearly bases some of his rifs on Gershwin preludes, and his formal training sets up a rock-solid foundation for their exceptional musical exploits.

Three chord rock will never die, and music based solely on rhythm is interesting to a point, but that all pales pathetic-perfunctory in comparison to what these guys did.

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