I'm yet to hear this soulful song by Elvis "You'll never walk alone" | Reviewer: Walter Tete Anaba | 6/4/13

How can i express how much i love this song because i can't tell how many times i love listening to liverpool's anthem which i've come to learn that it was best done and sung by Elvis Presley. I must say it's a real funeral or memorial song and i almost cry everytime i hear the soulful song "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE".

CFC | Reviewer: Walter 'Zingo' Anaba | 6/4/13

I'm a strong supporter of Chelsea football club, but ever since i heard this song "you'll never walk alone" i've come to fall in love with it even more that chelsea's blue anthem "blue is the colour". It's a very lovely song and i want to make it clear again that i love it.

You`` Never Walk Alone | Reviewer: Francisco Martin | 6/2/13

I live with sadness, someone sent me the lyrics of this song and every time I hear it, I cry, I have 60 years old and for 50 years I asked God for something I never gave it to me, I lost hope and always have had to walk alone, this song is not for me and I love the music of Elvis.

elvis is the best | Reviewer: danni | 3/18/13

I recently had my sister pass away on the 16th feb , 2013 very suddenly at age 44 , I played this song when everyone was putting rose petals in her coffin , was beautiful and brought nearly everyone to tears . My sister loved elvis as I did , he was the king at her funeral and he was singing for her .

In memory of Luca Jones | Reviewer: Christiopher Kiyui | 11/25/11

Very uplifting song. Here's the link to my humble take on the song which I did, in memory of Luca Jones, (son of Brad Jones, Liverpool FC keepeer), who passed on after losing the battle against leukemia: http://www.apostolic.edu/biblestudy/files/9th-com.htm

What can you say? There are no words! | Reviewer: Maciek | 1/23/11

Today I heard that song for the first time sung not by Liverpoll fans, but Elvis. I listen to him sometimes during my breaks at work. You know about Elvis, somebody said that if you listen to him, he sounds like singing only for you. And that's how I felt today. I had tears in my eyes... I wiped them to hide it from my colleagues. And now reading peoples confessions about their wishes regarding coffins and their funerals...wow! What can I say? Elvis did cast a spell on us and keeps doing it. He touched my soul again today...

This song hits notes that have emotional equivalents | Reviewer: kathy | 7/4/09

I first heard this song on a sunday morning elvis radio show when I was in grade seven. I'd wake up in the morning to hear it and sit on the floor in front of my radio and listen to the whole show before going up for breakfast because I didn't want people thinking I was awake and interrupting me. This is my favorite hymn and favorite Elvis song. It makes me feel like he was a soulful person to have sang it so soulfully.

You'll Never Walk Alone | Reviewer: Gabe Zuniga | 2/10/09

I love this song, I'am a Elvis Presley Tribute Artist I have been doing the Elvis show for 11 Years now, I am also working on this song to perform, I'am Close to getting those notes Elvis hit. People tell me I have his Charm. But this is a great song I love it.

toutching song | Reviewer: Krysia | 2/1/08

I would like someone to sing it while putting my coffin to the ground. I love this song. It has so many ups and downs and your mood goes after this. There would be nobody better singin this song than Elvis Presley did.

He is the Greatest | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

I love this version of Elvis, its way better then all the others. i guess only if the fans of liverpool sing it at the anfield road its more impressive. by the way my favorite song for my funeral would be My Way (the version of Elvis)!

greatest ever | Reviewer: Anthony | 7/11/07

i love this song, i dont know many if any people who can sing this, its too much for me, i can almost reach that high note but he doesnt even strain for it, man he had an amazing voice

I love Elvis and this is only one favorite | Reviewer: wildberryCA | 5/8/07

I frist heard Jay and the Americans sing this when I was very young and thrilled when I was able to get it by Elvis, first on an LP and then on a tape then a CD! I made up my mind many years ago that I wanted this song sung at my funeral as this described the way I felt about life but who could sing it like Elvis? NO ONE! So I have the CD in my Safety Deposit Box to be opened for my funeral.

Elvis | Reviewer: Ben | 2/17/07

is the greatest singer to ever live. This song proves it.

you'll never sing it better than elvis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/06

i think elvis sang this song really well for it has some notes that are hard to reach for most people