Who Am I - A Commentary | Reviewer: Paul Taylor | 3/28/14

I find myself singing this song so often within the last few weeks;and sense the presence and call of My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ calling me to come up higher! I bless His Name!

Older couple have this played at their wedding. | Reviewer: Sandy Pifer | 1/19/14

My husband's first wife died of Lou Gericks disease after 42 yrs of marriage. My husband of 30 yrs died suddenly of a ruptured aortic artery. We were lost - but God felt our pain and put us together. We were listening to songs one day and knew we wanted this song played at our wedding. We were so humbled that God loved us enough to die for us and saved us years ago but now we also knew he had felt the pain of our spouses deaths and gave us one another. Praising God for never leaving us. We would change the title to "Who Are We ?" In love again at 70 & 72.

Wrong Author ascribed | Reviewer: Yona | 11/27/13

The lyrics of this song was not written by ELVIS PRESLEY. It was written by Charles F. Goodman (September 2, 1933-November 11, 1990) better known as Rusty Goodman. Please research it carefully. It was however sung by Elvis, Skeeter Davis, and many others.

See Wikipedia for more information.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_%22Rusty%22_Goodman

Who Am I | Reviewer: Maijasuoma | 11/12/12

After my mother died in February this year, I was so sad. I turned my XM satelite radio on to the Graceland Elvis Channel because it was mama's favorite. "Who am I" played every day for weeks and I needed to hear it as well as "Somebody Bigger Than You and I". I was so blessed to have those two gospel songs tell me that it was really ok and that I was worthy of God's love.

Who Am I,/ Reviewer, Nicki Brosch | Reviewer: Nicki Brosch | 9/29/12

I heard Elvis sing "Who Am I", on Sirrus Radio in my car today, I dearly love each and everyone of his songs, but today I'm almost sure that it was the first time I have ever heard him sing this one, I was so deeply touched, and just sat in my car, thanking the Lord, for all he has done for me. It truly made me feel so small, and so humble, thanks be to God, Elvis made it so clear in this song.

And 45 years later........... | Reviewer: Paul F. Shagnot | 6/15/12

I just heard this song for the first time, some 45 years after Elvis first sang it. I can't help but wonder if the reason is that in 1965 my mind was trying to make sense of where/why I was headed to Vietnam. It's is a great song, and fully explains the reason He came down to earth at Christmas. Doesn't sound like "Christmas" music? Listen again.

Who Am I ? | Reviewer: Sheri Demers | 5/22/12

The words to this song as so touching and true. When I listen or even read the words I feel so humble that He truly died for me as well as you. I love Him with all my heart and am so very thankful that He blessed R. Goodman with the ability to articulate this "fact" ....to remind us daily of the sacrifice God made in giving Us his only son!