Everybody should listen... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/13

I listened to this song for the first time after Elvis´death, when I bought the ON STAGE record. It´s still one of my favorites songs, and later when RCA decided to release a five CDs set of the songs recorded by Elvis in the seventies, this was the title they choose: Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

Walk a mile in every shoe | Reviewer: Henry | 2/17/10

Song by the Real King of rock and roll.. nowa day im sure there isn´t a person in the world who can not use this song as a part of living. There must be songs like this one today. on the army on the schools on the church. cause is a real nice message full of truth and honesty.

Henry Fallas. from Costa Rica. and a real fan of Elvis Presley

One of my favourite songs... | Reviewer: lor | 1/11/10

I always try to live by this..and so sad that so many people don't. It has always been my favourite saying. When I see people that are "different" I always like to walk a mile in THEIR shoes and be more understanding. I see the "young people" of today with their piercings and hair styles and I remember wearing my mini skirts and long straight hair in the 70's....this is THEIR generation and let them enjoy it!!!! When I see homeless people my heart goes out to them as we don't know the circumstances that put them where they are......I could go on an on....I am certainly NOT a do-gooder or a martyr...just wish we all lived by this

so much truth | Reviewer: Bill Westerman | 6/13/07

I heard this song for the first time again in about 30 years. There is so much truth and honesty in this song. It is unfortunate that there are not songs like this today instead of focusing on our satisfaction and accusing one another. If we could only try to understand one another a little bit better, we would have a much better world.