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Performed by Elvis Presley

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SUCH A SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: charuda | 11/27/10

I grew up with this song in the 60's and I still listen to it today. The Elvis Station on Sirius/XM Radio plays it quite often. Every time I hear it the memories come flooding back. No matter what mood I'm in, this is the song that snaps me into the DANCING/SINGING mood. THANK YOU ELVIS - MEMORIES!!!! Gotta love 'em

im not dead baby | Reviewer: Elvis Presley | 5/29/10

Oh well oh well uh huh,im not dead baby, i've just been takin a long comin back just as soon as i grab myself a few fried peanut butter and banana sammiches and a new jumpsuit baby.thank you,thank you very much.uh huh.

Wh@ a song! | Reviewer: rhonelvis | 9/19/07

This is the one that keeps my adrenalin pumping. From Hound Dog to jailhouse Rock to Blue Moon from Kentucky, this one tops em all. Long live Elvis!

Kingmania | Reviewer: rhoneil | 9/19/07

This is the one that really revs me up. From Hound Dog to Jailhouse Rock, Such a Night best typifies Rock N' Roll. Elvis! Long live the King!

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

O yeah! such a fantastic song! Heard it from "3000 Miles to GRaceLand" movie!

One of the Kings Greatest | Reviewer: Kit Kat Mahoney | 5/12/06

This is a totally fab song, that is not played half as much as it should be. I first came across the song in the film '3000 Miles to Graceland', with Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell. It is totally FAB!!

the king | Reviewer: drew | 12/10/04

the bomb man im from new zealand this album is da bomb man!!!!!!!!!

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