For my dear wife | Reviewer: Gyasi | 11/3/12

We broke into a fight and I started playing this song on my PC. A few minutes later she just said "hey sorry just play this again". I stopped the music because I was so annoyed. She went to the organ and played it herself. I couldn't help myself when I watch her cry in singing of this song. Oh what a song that could change the most angry person to smile in just a second. I wish I knew the composer

Only fools rush in.. | Reviewer: Jd | 4/13/12

This is beautiful song that brings me back to my first love in high school, we heard it right before we each went our seperate ways and although he moved out of state, both got married, had children, we always found a way back to each others lifes. We are both now divorced and have seen each other for the first time after 15 yeas we've been talking ever since and realized there was a reason why we always keep on crossing paths and hopefully one day be together.

Anyone care about WHO created the song? | Reviewer: gBo | 10/10/10

I think anytime we praise a song or artist, we should also consider who wrote it. Maybe Elvis wrote this song. I hope someday you will know my music and writing. Well, you already have heard my tv music probably. Internet is pretty kool for sharing, huh? I have a Henry Mancini book called, "Did They Mention the Music?" Wile I'm at it, I like Garry Marshall's book, Richard Dawkins, Ken Wilbur and Aynn Rand. Namaste and cheers to all

can't help falling in love with you | Reviewer: Laurence | 8/23/10

this song has been adopted by sunderland football supporters who sing it during football games. it always fills me with passion for my team when I hear it. they have been singing it as long as I can remember and thats over 40 years.

when is the right time then? | Reviewer: bjay | 4/19/10

this song is precise when he said...only fools rush in...but what can we do then if the person himself had already made the decision that he found the right one even in a short time of companionship? Would it be a risk?

Fond memories | Reviewer: Joey | 4/14/10

I had this habit of scribbling lyrics of songs in my note books when i got bored/sleepy in class, one day i was caught napping in class and my note book confiscated. I had written 2-3 lines from this song and my teacher thought i was falling in love with her! lol !!!

Where's the confusion | Reviewer: dmwolfe2 | 1/5/10

This was the title song "Fool's Rush In" to a movie starring Selma Hyak and I think that is the confusing part. I think the title "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" would be a little long for a movie. The comments about the other song are absolutely correct, but this song was the theme song for a movie by that name.

you have the wrong song title.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/09

the title is not correct for the lyrics... the lyrics are to a song called can't help falling in love.
there is a song called fools rush in but it is very different: it starts out Fools rush in where angels fear to tread and so I come to you my love...etc go to and look at both songs you will see the difference

Wrong title of this song | Reviewer: Bill Turner | 7/7/09

The title of this song is "Can't Help Falling In Love" which Elvis used as the closing song on his live concerts.
He did however record the song "Fools Rush In" which is a completely different song. He featured this in some of his live concerts, because when Ricky Nelson recorded it in the early 60s--his recording had a very unusual guitar solo by James Burton. Elvis used to introduce the song, by acknowledging James Burton's unique playing on the Nelson record...and James would oblige by duplicating that incredible solo note for note!

should I rush? | Reviewer: when | 6/29/09

I came across this song tonight (revived by the UB40 though). With some booze in hand, this song made me cry as it exactly portrays the exact picture of my stance. On the line "Like a river flows, surely to the sea, Darlin', so it goes, some things are meant to be," I never believed in fate, destinies, nor fairy tales until it hit me--and it hit me hard. This song is just so simple, but it shows how complicated life can be, when we fall in love.

for my girlfriend | Reviewer: ben | 2/2/09

my gf and I are going through a rough patch after 18 months of being together. she is my first love, and I just adopted this is as 'our song'. Elvis can make even the most simplest of lyrics into smomthing beautiful. p.s I love sarah. forever and always

love song | Reviewer: Steve | 1/15/09

my boyfriend is a singer, whilst i am a producer who rarely has the nerves to sing, however every night in bed before we sleep, this song plays in my head, occassionally I will sing it to him... its a lovely moment when I see his smile :)

mom | Reviewer: Tracey | 10/1/08

This is the song I sang as a lullaby to my first born. He was premature and we didnt know if he would make it. Now he is a strapping 22 year old. The lyrics seemed to fit. Needless to say this song remains in my heart.

my fav song. | Reviewer: Michael | 9/8/08

i sang this song to my girl friend and danced with her while i was singing it on our one year anniversary, we both broke down in tears while it was going on, i love this song and elvis u really out did urself with it, amazing song

by amy chapman | Reviewer: amy | 10/6/07

hi...x every1 i know this is a sad song i am listening to it all the time in mereway school northampton i am singing it in music lesson it is beautiful thanks..x elivs prealey p.s.brillant even though i am crying as i am writing this p.s.s.miss you always want to see you and you are the top singer ever thnks..x