Maddie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

i absolutely love this song. i love the lyrics. i remember singing this in chior in high school, and never forgets it since. i love to sing this song, it seems to make even the worst moods vanish. THANKS ELVIS!

Only fools rush in | Reviewer: sandra | 8/10/07

Awesome song..but even better boyfriend sang this and danced with me to this song last wonderful he is!!

lovinit ;) | Reviewer: amanda | 6/2/07

i looooove love love love this song.
this is elvis's best song.

Mother | Reviewer: Chris Cyr | 5/6/07

My mom sung this to me when i was a baby. I didnt get to see her much throughout my life so this song always stuck with me.

Therefor i think this song is the most precious thing in the world An absolute 10/10, Elvis!!