Good spiritual song, one of Elvis" many spirituals. | Reviewer: Barbara E | 10/30/12

I just purchased an album of Elvis Pressley Spirituals. Milky Whiite Way is one of 25 on this disk. Another oldie but goodie is Swing Down Sweet Chariot. I love the Elvis Spirituals, many of which he learned as a young boy attending the Assembly of God church with his parents in Mississippi. I am about Elvis' age and remember a lot of these songs from church when I was a teenager. I went to 3 of his shows here in Vegas. I have one of his scarves which he gave to my 5 year old son who brazenly climbed up on stage with Elvis. The scarf is not signed but it is our treasure.

Take a chill pill "Put OFF" | Reviewer: Leroy Aloisious Johnson | 7/24/12

Elvis did many spirituals, no question that many came from old Negro spirituals, so what's the big deal? Many black groups have, and still do, rearrange others' music, play it to a different style, and it comes out different...for better or worse. What Elvis did was great, and other blacks like Smokey Robinson and Jackie Wilson, to name but two, thought the world of Elvis because of what he did to bring this kind of music to a whole other audience. It's childish to get so mean tempered over a song, and stop playing the race card every darn time someone comes up with an opinion different from your own.

One of his best | Reviewer: XELO Del Rio | 7/24/10

Believe it or not, I only recently heard this by Elvis and it blew me away. So much so that I had to download it.

To how dare you|Reviewer: Put OFF, Elvis is crediting with arranging and adapting the song, not writing it.

How dare you | Reviewer: Put OFF | 10/19/09

How dare you further this lie, pretending Elvis Presley wrote this song, a Negro Spiritual which has been sung since the times of Elvis great-great-grandparents. Do you enjoy perpetuating a FRAUD!! Or are you really that ignorant of the facts? Naivité is neither attractive nor exonerating!