Elvis imagry | Reviewer: Jim | 10/5/13

This song was above but with the many he did in later life. You can close your eyes and see what he was expressing through heart felt song. Heck, I put several ahead of him but damn! I visited Graceland. They just don't make 'em like him anymore.

A gem | Reviewer: Nevada56 | 8/26/13

Some songs can stir memories of the past, and "Kentucky Rain" does just that for me. Came out in the dark, dreary months of early 1970, always on the car radio. It was Elvis at his finest, before his sad slide began. Truly a song to sing along to.

"The Real Deal" | Reviewer: chris | 6/22/12

I love this song. To me, it shows the true depth and quality of Elvis' vocal ability. He was cool with the rock n roll but as he got older, he really got better; especially with this song as well as In the Ghetto. I'm normally a Motown fan but I still think that Elvis was literally 'The King'. Peace to all.

Kentucky rain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/07

A great song, sung powerfully in Elvis style. When his music was more mature.