Give credit where credit is due: to Lieber and Stoller! | Reviewer: Ziggy Zanati | 8/14/14

The review box is not here for fans of Elvis Presley to venerate him. We are supposed to be writing about the merits of the song - not the singer. The song was written by two nice Jewish boys, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. You might recognize them from the huge hits that they wrote and handed off to the Coasters. Love Potion #9 and Yakety Yak are two stirling examples of their ability to weave a story and create a vivid mental image of a situation combining poignancy and humor. Jailhouse Rock was chosen as the climactic act in the Blues Brothers Movie. Long live bumbling, lovable John Belushi!

Elvis! What a man what a legend! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/10

Elvis was the greatest icon that ever lived. This song is very old but it could kick dust in any modern rock song today. Very good lyrics and only Elvis could sing this song his voice is perfect. What a man what a legend!

jailhouse rock is rock & roll | Reviewer: Kenny | 11/19/07

Jailhouse rock is the perfect rock&roll song. Its rythem, lyrics,guitar solo and drums is what r&r is all about having fun with music. No has ever done Jailhouse rock as good as Elvis his voice is perfect for that song..Long live the King

jailhouse rock | Reviewer: lil charlie | 7/27/07

Elvis was the best ever n still is really now im a young girlbut no one will ever bet his tunes i think its just a shame the way it all ended :'( Elvis we all love u with our hearts XxXxXxX u r truly th best XxXxX

JAIL HOUSE ROCK | Reviewer: Erik S. Patell | 7/18/05

It's a very old song but to rock and roll fans it is like new. Elvis is the greatest ROCK N ROLLER that ever lived.