Reviews for It's Only Love Lyrics

Performed by Elvis Presley

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A great period love song for Elvis . | Reviewer: Marc Roberts | 6/10/13

This was a dynamic love song from Elvis in the early 70s, he was dating Linda Thompson at the time when this record went out, Elvis was always a singer but it wasent until the 70s that he became a vocalist, with the songs that he recorded and performed in that time frame showed his incredible voice and power along with the heart and soul that he put into any song! Just wished he wasent tied up with the non script approval movies in the 60s cause he would of been bigger then he is now if he was performing and not acting.

The Best | Reviewer: Danny Dwyer | 4/10/12

Elvis Presley could sing any song he wanted and they all sounded greater then anything that's brought out today. This song is a fine example of his voice, you name any subject chances are Elvis sang about it!

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