Elvis's love for his Saviour.Jesus Christ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/12

Elvis was a lover of Jesus Christ.
One of his band members told of an incident in a packed auditorium, when after ha ahd finished a song, a group of girls stood up with a long banner. On it was written ELVIS IS KING ...
Elvis stopped and turned to the audience, and said" No JESUS IS KING!!. The bandaman said you could have heard a pin drop amongst that 50.000 audience. Then he just went on with the concert.
To me that showed that he loved God so much that he was prepeared to lose the support of his fans in favour of his Love for his Saviour.
No one will know how many Elvis touched until we see him in Glory.
Avenel Grace.

Elvis Presley May Be The King But... | Reviewer: Dora Sanders | 6/6/07

I know at some point Elvis sang this song and he did a fairly good jod with it but, in my personal opinion Dottie Rambo sang it a lot better just because she wrote the lyrics to the song and it was her own. Reguardless of what i think this is still a teriffic song!

The ultimate Elvis | Reviewer: Simon Jones | 5/27/05

Elvis Presley was a more religious person than most may realise.

For me, this a very poignant gospel song and the epitome of what Elvis was all about - love and compassion. Elvis was a generous and caring person who gave away money and possessions almost as fast as he earned them.

A lot of Elvis's slow songs have a quick rhythm, as if to compensate for the slow pace. This song is sung slowly with words clearly enunciated and with a depth and feeling, and it works without a fast background rhythm.

Indeed, Elvis's gospel songs are generally soothing and calming to listen to.

I realise that this is not a balanced critique / review, but it is one person's opinion.